How much wood could a woodchuck lining if a woodchuck can chuck wood?

Here’s mine answer native April 2017: follow to the city Foundation, a woodchuck would certainly chuck “As much wood as a woodchuck can chuck, If a woodchuck can chuck wood.” (bit.ly/woodchuck-poem) researchers at Cornell identified that a woodchuck might chuck about 700 pounds: (bit.ly/cornell-woodchucks). “Compared to beavers, groundhogs/woodchucks space not adept at moving timber, back some will chew wood. A wildlife biologist as soon as measured the inside volume the a usual woodchuck burrow and estimated the — if timber filled the hole instead of dust — the industrious animal would have actually chucked about 700 pounds’ worth.”Additionally, though, just how much wood could a wood duck duck if a woodchuck might chuck wood?

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