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I to buy a 2014 GMC Sierra crew cab 4x4 through the 5.3l EcoTec and also a 3.08 behind gear. As soon as I purchase the truck the best trailer towing volume was 8500lbs and also the GCWR (total allowable weight of the auto including trailer) to be 14,000lbs.

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I gain a letter from GMC that says as result of "use of higher than encourage maximum trailer load could an outcome in a power train cooling mechanism overheat problem if operating the vehicle under particular high approximately temperature and road great conditions."
Attached through that letter were the updated load ratings. Mine truck together its outfitted has actually a maximum trailer towing capacity of 6500lbs and a GCWR of 12,000lbs bring about a ns of 2000lbs ~ above both ratings.
Prior to purchasing the 2014, I had a 2009 Sierra Denali with the 6.2. I strongly taken into consideration getting the 6.2 in the 2014 ns purchased yet the tow rating was high sufficient to to draw what i needed and also the gas milage to be considerably far better in the 5.3, hence why I decided it. Now, i can't haul mine Mustang ~ above a trailer without exceeding the brand-new numbers, permit alone my stepdads utility trailer through his tractor. Obviously ns think the truck could probably execute both in the real people in NC and also its approximately conditions. However, if ns plow right into someone hauling more than the new weight ratings, I'm now liable in a polite suit together I have actually been educated of the changes.
What perform you males think? I'm fully happy with my truck yet knowing that ns technically shouldn't to draw anything ns own gives me a pretty sour emotion on a truck through a $48k sticker price. What would be a reasonable outcome, trade in top top the precise same truck v the 6.2l with minimal costs incurred by me? My truck is in perfect condition and only has actually 8100 miles on it.

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Also to add, the 6.2l in the same configuration was just lowered by 200lbs in both trailer and also GCWR informing me that it performed choose it was claimed to as contrasted to the 2000lbs drop because that the 5.3l.
Just because that comparison's sake, the brand-new trailer and GCWR for the 5.3l is currently equal come the 4.3l V-6 i m sorry GMC didn't change. Talk about a beat in the balls.





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