Today, we are going to let friend know exactly how much salt you have to put in her water softener brine tank.At WaterSmart, we have over 25 years suffer in the water softener industry, and we"d love come share our specialization with you!We will provide you a much better idea around how lot salt you require to add to your softener, when you should add it and how your water softener actually works. So, let"s run in.

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How much Salt to put in a Water Softener Brine Tank

One of the most typical questions the we get asked is exactly how much salt should you placed in her water softener brine tank. The brine tank is the component of your water softener that holds the salt.

it is possible to have actually both also much and also too little salt in her brine tank. To keep your water softener working at maximum performance you need to keep the appropriate amount the salt. A great rule of thumb to follow is to:1. Save your brine tank at the very least one quarter full of salt at all times2. Don"t fill your salt up previous 4 come 6 inches listed below the top of your brine tank. 3. Make certain that her salt level constantly stays a couple of inches above the water level in your brine tank.


Tips for adding Salt to your Brine Tank

Tip#1: before you add in any additional salt to her brine tank, make sure that you break up or loosen any kind of of the staying salt. You deserve to do this through a broom manage or any kind of other similar long object.Tip #2: If there is any type of encrusted salt ~ above the political parties of her brine tank, loosen and break it off so that it drops to the bottom of your tank and also break apart any huge pieces that have actually stuck togetherTip #3: If a salt bridge has formed in your brine tank, you deserve to break it up additionally with a broom handle. If it is difficult to rest apart, try pouring some hot water end it very first to soften it up. Tip #4: only use appropriate water softener salt, either sodium chloride or potassium chloride that has been made specifically for water softeners. Execute not use continual salt as it isn"t as pure as water softener salt and also it will damages your unit and also the smaller granules will dissolve too quickly.


How much Salt will Your Water Softener Use?

The quantity of salt that you will certainly go through and also how regularly you will should top it up depends on a number of factors. This include:How lot Water girlfriend Use: Every family members is different. Generally, if you have an ext people in your family members you will certainly go through much more water. The much more water you usage the an ext water softener salt you usage as well.

The dimension of your Brine Tank: If your brine tank is an extremely large, you more than likely won"t have to fill it up as regularly as you would a smaller tank. However then again, this will additionally depend on just how much water friend use.

The Hardness of her Water: The level of minerals in your water that make her water hard will also affect how lot salt you go through. The harder the water, the much more often that the resin beads will have to be regenerated and therefore the an ext salt your will certainly go through.

For example, an mean three bedroom home with four occupants will require to have actually a rebirth cycle after about 12,000 gallons that water used. Rejuvenation would need to occur more often 보다 this if the water hardness level are greater than normal.It is a an excellent idea to check your salt level in her brine tank at the very least once every month to understand when it is time come add an ext salt.


How your Water Softener Works

The most common type of water softener is comprised of two components: a tall and narrow water softener tank and a shorter and wider brine tank. Part models, however, have both the water softener tank and brine tank combined into one unit, but the procedure of softening her water is the very same regardless that the form you have. The purpose of every form of water softener is to remove the minerals, greatly calcium and also magnesium, the are found in your water that make that hard.Your water softener tank is filled through resin beads. This section of her softener is sealed and also you can"t accessibility it. Your brine tank meanwhile will have a removable lid wherein you can quickly see the level that salt the you have actually so that you deserve to add more salt as soon as you require to.


The Water Softening Process

The adhering to are the straightforward steps the your water softener will go with to readjust your hard water right into soft.Step 1: Hard water from your inlet pipe flows into your water softener tank and also down v your resin beads. This resin beads space made of a porous plastic and are spanned with molecule that room negatively charged.Step 2: The negatively fee resin beads entice the positively fee minerals in your tough water. This process is very comparable to a magnet attracting metal and also is known as an ion exchange.Step 3: The minerals stick to the resin beads and stay trapped inside your water softener tank.Step 4: Your water is currently soft due to the fact that the minerals the made it hard have been removed. The soft water flows the end of your water softener right into your pipes and also is easily accessible for you come use when you revolve on her tap.

Step 5: Over time, her resin beads will have actually attracted the maximum quantity of minerals that they space able to organize onto and they won"t be able to attract any kind of more. They will have to be purged clean.Step 6: your brine tank"s task is come clean off her resin beads so the they can lure the positively fee minerals again. This process is recognized as a rejuvenation cycle. A computer system inside her water softener will save track of exactly how much water has flown through the resin tank and will begin a regeneration cycle when it is time for the beads to it is in cleaned.Step 7: during the renewal cycle, braided water native the brine tank enters the to fill tube and travels into the softener tank. The braided water rinses turn off the minerals that are stuck to the resin beads. This salty, mineral-filled water is then flushed out that the softener tank the end the discharge hose. Step 8: After this rejuvenation cycle is finished, her resin beads will currently be all set to remove more minerals and also Step 1 in this process can start again.To learn much more about how a water softener works, you can watch the adhering to video.

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