One that the things that brand-new comedians desire to understand is what the earning potential is for pro comedians.

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First, permit me start with this:

All pro comedians space independent builders who space usually payment on a performance by performance basis.

They are usually payment in cash or with a company check and also they are responsible because that paying the taxes on their revenue earned.

The speed at i beg your pardon a comedian deserve to be compensated for performances (commonly described as gigs) is straight related to the speed at i m sorry they can develop and also deliver a stand-up comedy act that makes them eligible because that compensation as a comedy performer. 

Note: The primary focus of my digital course is come show new comedians precisely what they need to do step-by-step to develop a powerful, big laugh stand-up comedy program from scrape in the shortest time possible.

I want new comedians to acquire paid for your talent, ability and capacity sooner rather than later.

Comedian pay Rates

The earnings a comedian can command is greatly dependent upon their ability level and the type of plot they are able to provide – which has actually a direct affect on the stand-up comedy markets they deserve to work in.

So I’m going to start at the bottom the the pro comedian salary opportunities and also discuss the various markets a agree comedian can work in depending on the type of stand-up comedy plot they choose to develop…

Opening act Pay. A comedian who has been hired as an opening act in the comedy club atmosphere will generally make between $25 and also $50 every show.

As a general preeminence they have tendency to consist of of neighborhood talent to open for much more established and achieved professional comedians (local and also visiting).

Moving beyond this level is dictated ~ above a comedian’s ability to create laughs and also the duration of time the they deserve to perform.

Opening acts space usually forced to perform for 15 minutes or less.

Feature (Middle Act) Pay. A comedian who has been hired as a attribute act in the comedy club atmosphere will commonly make between $50 and $100 every show.

The feature act is usually required to carry out for 15-30 minutes depending on the gig requirements.

For strong feature plot who have actually a clean stand-up comedy act, castle can likewise be exposed come the chance to open for created corporate comedians for $200+ every performance.

Headliner Pay. I’m walk to method this from the view of comedians who space headliners (can supply 45+ minutes of stand-up comedy material that repetitively generates an mean of 18+ secs of laughter every performing minutes) and the sectors that they room able to work-related in.

I should likewise make it clear the the pay numbers noted below room low end numbers, definition to say that the earnings a headliner level comedian have the right to command can also be considerably influenced in a positive method based upon their experience, reputation, selection of gigs they deserve to perform at, tv appearances, variety of followers and also fans, etc.

Markets because that Comedian Headliners

Comedy club Comedians

Headliner comedians who work-related in the comedy society market and comedy one nighters can usually earn between $100-$200 for a single 45 minute stand-up comedy performance.

If a compare is made on an hourly basis v a common day job, that would certainly be in the variety of $133-$266 every hour. Not too shabby.

However, comedians who only have the capacity deliver one “adult” or profane act are pretty much minimal to the comedy society markets and also comedy club format one nighters.

Extensive travel must be supposed in this market.

Note: there is no one-size-fits-all pay scale for comedy club comedians. The comedian pay deserve to vary widely for each comedy club or one night venue the hires comedians.

Corporate Comedians

For headliner comedians who have actually the talent and also skill to build a clean act because that the non-comedy club markets (events, parties, fundraisers, meetings, etc.), those comedians have the right to command 5-10+ times as much for a single show as contrasted to the comedy club market.

Note: over there is no one-size-fits-all pay range for this firm comedians either. How much a comedian can gain paid for any specific gig depends upon the comedian’s reputation, audience size, the entertainment budget of the organization, how much performance time is involved, etc.

If you want to see a few examples that the form of that company comedy salary I had the ability to make throughout my comedy career, take it a moment to check out mine Corporate Comedy Secrets training module top top Killerstandup.com.

Depending ~ above the metro area the corporate comedians lives, substantial travel is not necessarily required. In various other words, a corporate comedian can work in your ar for years depending on their reputation and also the referral business they room able to generate.

Cruise ship Comedians

Comedians who are able come break right into the cruise ship market deserve to usually command between $500-$1500 per show beginning out depending on the type of performance compelled (main stage or the more recent “comedy club” form venues now obtainable on some cruise lines).

Extensive travel have to be intended in this market.

College Comedians

Comedians who room able to job-related in the college industry as a an outcome of NACA or APCA showcases generally command in between $800-$1200 per present in the beginning.

Extensive travel have to be meant in this market.

That should give you a fairly an excellent idea of what kind of baseline income reasonably new, yet expert comedians deserve to make because that performances in a range of markets.

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And it just goes up from there if they have the right to consistently generate the big laughs.