1/2 cent Benjamin Franklin$0.30$0.20
1 cent George Washington$0.30$0.20
1 1/4 cent palace of the Governors Santa Fe brand-new Mexico$0.30$0.20
1 1/2 cent mount Vernon$0.35$0.20
2 cent cutting board Jefferson$0.30$0.20
2 1/2 cent Bunker Hill$0.30$0.20
3 cent Statue that Liberty$0.30$0.20
4 cent Abraham Lincoln$0.40$0.20
4 1/2 cent The Hermitage$0.40$0.20
5 cent James Monroe$0.40$0.20
6 cent T. Roosevelt$0.50$0.20
7cent Woodrow Wilson$0.45$0.20
8 cent Liberty Original level Plate$0.45$0.20
8 cent Liberty initial Rotary$0.70$0.45
8 cent Liberty Redrawn$0.45$0.20
8 cent general John.J. Pershing$0.50$0.20
9 cent The Alamo$0.65$0.20
10 cent freedom Hall$0.60$0.20
11 cent Statue of Liberty$0.50$0.20
12 cent Benjamin Harrison$0.70$0.20
15 cent john Jay$1.15$0.20
20 cent Monticello$1.00$0.20
25 cent Paul Revere$2.00$0.20
30 cent Robert E. Lee$2.25$0.20
40 cent john Marshall$2.80$0.20
50 cent S.B.Anthony$2.80$0.20
$1 Patrick Henry$7.00$0.25
$5 Alexander Hamilton$125.00$8.25

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1954-80 Liberty collection Coil Stamps Perf 10In 1875 the short article Office authorize reprints of the very first stamps as part of the nationwide solemn event of the United states Centennial.






1 cent George Washington$0.30$0.20
1 1/4 cent palace of Governors$0.30$0.20
2 cent Jefferson$0.95$0.20
2 1/2 cent Bunker Hill$0.40$0.25
3 cent Liberty$0.30$0.20
4 cent Lincoln$0.35$0.20
4 1/2 cent Hermitage$1.95$1.35
25 cent Paul Revere$1.25$0.30

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These prices because that U.S. Stamps are listed as a business to readers. They are acquired from countless sources such together dealer price lists, advertisements in philatelic publications, and public auction results. Usage these as a reminder for analyzing the reasonableness of dealer prices, setup up trades with other collectors, and estimating the precious of her collection. The value of one individual rubber stamp is dependency on that centering and also condition. The prices detailed here space for well centered, undamaged stamps. A specifically nice example could sell for an ext than the lot listed, when a bad copy might be worth less.

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