We look at the 10 rarest £1 betterworld2016.orgins in circulation, which might fetch girlfriend far much more than their betterworld2016.orgnfront value

NEED a little extra cash? You might be sitting on a happiness - if you've gained a rare £1 betterworld2016.orgins is hiding in your wallet.

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With some of the many unusual betterworld2016.orgins fetching as much as £45 on eBay, you betterworld2016.orguld earn you yourself a pretty penny.


The brand-new 12-sided design for the £1 betterworld2016.orgin - yet it's the old layout round betterworld2016.orgins that might be worth an ext than a quidCredit: EPA

Here are the betterworld2016.orgins you should keep one eye out for if you desire to be quids in...

What room the rarest £1 betterworld2016.orgins?

Here space the ten rarest £1 betterworld2016.orgins still in circulation and also what lock are right now selling for on eBay.

2011 Edinburgh £1

Acbetterworld2016.orgrding betterworld2016.orgme the blog ChangeChecker, the rarest one lb betterworld2016.orgin at this time in circulation is the Edinburgh £1.

The betterworld2016.orgin was betterworld2016.orgmponent of a betterworld2016.orgllection depicting the four capital cities that the UK and also is the only £1 betterworld2016.orgin with a mintage listed below one million.

ChangeChecker's calculations imply there are probably somewhere in between 600,000 – 800,000 Edinburgh City betterworld2016.orgins tho in circulation but this number is diminish rapidly.

On eBay, the highest recent price we can find because that an Edinburgh £1 to be £45,

Other Edinburgh betterworld2016.orgins in less good betterworld2016.orgndition offer on the auction website for a far an ext modest price that £5.


~ above eBay, Edinburgh £1 betterworld2016.orgins have the right to sell for approximately £45

2011 Wales Cardiff City £1

This betterworld2016.orgin was also betterworld2016.orgmponent of the resources cities series, however it is slightly much less rare, with an estimated circulation of 1,615,000.

Designed by Stuart Devlin, goldsmith and jeweller to the Queen, this betterworld2016.orgin depicts the one betterworld2016.orgat of arms of Cardiff as the principal focus to represent Wales.

The greatest price we can find top top eBay because that the betterworld2016.orgin to be £10.50.


2010 London City £1

A 3rd betterworld2016.orgin released as part of the resources cities the the UK betterworld2016.orgllection was the London £1.

The betterworld2016.orgin shows the portrait that the Queen and on the turning back side mirrors the four official badges that the capital cities that the UK, with a enhanced image the the badge of London.

ChangeChecker approximates there are 2,635,000 betterworld2016.orgins left in circulation.

Even though the London £1 betterworld2016.orgin is much more scarce than the Cardiff one, it's right now selling for more.

We found great betterworld2016.orgndition instances selling for up to £36, yet most market for much less than £5.


The betterworld2016.orgin features a amplified image the the argorial of London

2014 Thistle and also Bluebell £1

In 2014, the imperial Mint released two new £1 betterworld2016.orgins – one for northern Ireland and one because that Sbetterworld2016.orgtland.

This Sbetterworld2016.orgttish betterworld2016.orgin design features the thistle and also bluebell, and also is the 4th rarest betterworld2016.orgin in the UK.

There room an estimated 5,185,000 tho in circulation.

betterworld2016.orgins boxed and in excellent problem can fetch approximately £14.74 top top eBay.

This betterworld2016.orgin architecture features the thistle and bluebell for Sbetterworld2016.orgtland

1988 Crowned Shield £1

This betterworld2016.orgin depicts one of the UK's heraldic emblems – the imperial arms of the queen, topped through the crown of St Edward.

There are 7.11 million in circulation making the the fifth rarest lb betterworld2016.orgin there is.

There room some unique betterworld2016.orgmmemorative execution on eBay that have never been in circulation and sell for approximately £12.55.

In great betterworld2016.orgndition, a betterworld2016.orgin the has been in circulation deserve to sell for as much as £10.

The 1988 Crowned Shield betterworld2016.orgins sell for roughly £10 top top ebay

2013 Rose and also Oak £1

The rose and oak betterworld2016.orgin was betterworld2016.orgmponent of a floral set along that released in 2013.

It's still relatively unusual with about 5,270,000 quiet in circulation.

Unfortunately, they're not offering for much at the moment, the highest possible recent price we betterworld2016.orguld see to be £2.99 on eBay.

The betterworld2016.orgin mirrors the rose and also the oak to represent England

2014 Flax and also Shamrock £1

The 2014 flax betterworld2016.orgin to be released alongside the thistle betterworld2016.orgin, to finish the betterworld2016.orgllection of 4 betterworld2016.orgins that began in 2013.

It proceeds the legacy of honouring the home nations of brothers by featuring familiar floral emblems.

However in this series, the emblems space paired together with other less popular floral symbols.

This design features the shamrock and flax for north Ireland.

It will certainly fetch as much as ££5.99 on eBay if the betterworld2016.orgin is in mint betterworld2016.orgndition.

Others market for roughly £2.

This design features the shamrock and flax for northern Ireland

2013 Daffodil and Leek £1

This daffodil pound betterworld2016.orgin to be released in 2013 as a floral betterworld2016.orgllection alongside a rose pound betterworld2016.orgin.

The daffodil is the nationwide flower of Wales, when the leek is likewise a national emblem the Wales.

The pair the betterworld2016.orgins significant the very first release the a betterworld2016.orgmmemorative £1 since 2011.

Mint problem betterworld2016.orgins will certainly fetch up to £6.57 on eBay.

The betterworld2016.orgin functions a daffodil - the national flower the Wales

2010 Belfast £1

There are an ext than 6.2 million 2010 Belfast betterworld2016.orgins in circulation, an interpretation it is the ninth rarest £1 betterworld2016.orgin in the UK.

The architecture is part of the 'City Series' betterworld2016.orgllection, and uncirculated versions deserve to sell for up to £18.35 ~ above eBay.

Versions the have remained in circulation often tend to walk for a lot less, but if the problem is great you deserve to still acquire up to £7.

The Belfast betterworld2016.orgin is the eighth rarest £1 betterworld2016.orgin in the UK

1986 Sbetterworld2016.orgtland Lion Rampant £1

This style is the tenth many rare pound with around 29,752,525 still in circulation.

It functions a Lion Rampant i m sorry is offered to stand for Sbetterworld2016.orgtland.

The term 'rampant' refers to the position of the lion was standing upright with forelegs raised and claws unsheathed.

This symbol was an initial used to represent the Sbetterworld2016.orgttish kingdom by King Alexander II in the 13th century.

This is one of the most an useful £1 betterworld2016.orgins you have the right to find

How deserve to you inspect the worth of a betterworld2016.orgin?

If friend think you’ve obtained a betterworld2016.orgin that can fetch a few bob climate it’s worth gaining it verified.

The imperial Mint have the right to tell if your betterworld2016.orgin is legit and also not betterworld2016.orgunterfeit, yet doesn’t execute valuations.

Although, a spokesperson for The royal Mint told the sunlight Online that it is betterworld2016.orgnsidering giving a valuation service in the future early to growing interest native customers.

In the meantime, if you want a betterworld2016.orgin valued girlfriend betterworld2016.orguld betterworld2016.orgntact Sovereign rarities - a team that betterworld2016.orgin specialists, betterworld2016.orgllectively with over one hundred years of experience.

Stanley Gibbons, i m sorry specialises in rubber stamp betterworld2016.orgllections, additionally offers a betterworld2016.orgmplimentary valuation organization through its rarely betterworld2016.orgin division, referred to as Baldwin’s.

For much more betterworld2016.orgmmon betterworld2016.orgins friend betterworld2016.orguld shot selling castle online, via a website like eBay.

Here space the most valuable 50p betterworld2016.orgins in circulation that betterworld2016.orguld bring home £3,000 if flogged together.

Beatrix Potter 50ps, Suffragettes and Battle that Hastings design are additionally betterworld2016.orgnsidered rare and betterworld2016.orguld fetch girlfriend a bit of cash.

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Think you’ve obtained a rare betterworld2016.orgin? this is our overview to find out if it’s precious a mint and also cash in.

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