Georges St-Pierre has got a huge fan following and honors, together which he depicts a significant net precious of $30 million.

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Since his combined martial arts and UFC days, Georges has had a huge effect within the ring. Frequently known together “GSP,” George is a French-Canadian combined martial artist.

Undoubtedly, Georges is considered one the the finest fighters in the history of MMA and also UFC who has two times welterweight human being champion with nine consecutive title wins in between 2008 and 2013.

Georges during his MMA cultivate days.

He was inducted into the UFC hall of call in 2020 at 39, a year ~ his official retirement.

So, let us see exactly how did he earn this money, just how much that has worked hard to be in this position, and also how Georges invest his money v this article.

But first, permit us have actually an prompt glance at the fast facts.

Quick Facts

NameGeorge St-Pierre
NicknameGSP, Rush
BirthdateMay 19, 1981
BirthplaceSaint-Isidore, Québec, Cananda
Age40 year old
Father’s NameRonald St-Pierre
Mother’s NamePauline St-Pierre
SiblingsMyriam St-Pierre
EducationEcole Pierre-Bédard, Cégep Édouard-Montpetit
ProfessionMixed Martial Artist
Height5’10” (1.78m)
Weight77 kg (170 lbs)
Reach193 cm
Shoe Size11.5 (U.S)
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye ColorBlue
DivisionWelterweight, Middleweight
Zodiac SignTaurus
Net worth$30 Million
AchievementThree times UFC Welterweight Champion UFC room of fame (2020) One-time UFC Middleweight Champion most wins in UFC Welterweight division
Win-Loss Record28-2
Salary$6 Million every fight
UFC DebutJanuary 31, 2004
Head TrainerFiras Zahabi
EndorsementsUnder Armour, NOS power drink, 888 Poker, Hayabusa, Budlight, Royer, etc.
Sexual OrientationStraight
Marital statusUnmarried
GirlfriendGenie Bouchard
ChildrenLiam St-Pierre
Social MediaInstagram, Twitter, YouTube
HobbyPlaying Chess, Hockey
Fighting out ofMontreal, Quebec, Canada
MerchFunko Pop, commerce Card, Autographed assorted Product
Last UpdatedNovember, 2021

Georges St-Pierre network Worth: Income and Salary

As us know, George St-Pierre has a network worth of $30 million. However, in the last few years, Georges has successfully increased the value by 50%.

Similarly, brand deals, endorsements, and also contact payments add a lot to Georges’ network worth.

Likewise, GSP earns about $6 million for every fight with an additional $50,000 if Georges wins hit of the Night or power of the Night. This put Georges #15 in the list of Top 20 wealthiest MMA Fighters in the world.

Besides, the very very first money Georges earned native UFC is $6000; $3000 from the match, and the various other $3000 a bonus. Similarly, his earning pattern preserved on changing and increasing.

However, in simply three years of joining UFC, Georges began to knife millions from every fight.

Moreover, in 2006, Georges provided to make $80k-$90k because that every bout but suddenly, in 2007, his payment increases. After that, he started to earn $140,000, which is twin the amount compared to the 2006 payment.

Before retirement, Georges’ payment increased in his later on career days, and also he earn $6 million because that every bout. However, come date, Georges has made a whopping quantity of $7,037,000 from UFC.

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Pay-Per-View earnings (PPV Earnings)

Other than prize money, GSP additionally earned a good amount of money native pay-per-view sales. Because that example, Pierre would earn practically $400,00 native this sale. However, this can sound favor a substantial amount of money, but details criteria need to be fulfilled for obtaining this money.

He would earn $1 per buy, and similarly, if someone buys a product worth more than $175,000, George would certainly make $1.5 every buy. So likely, simply from PPV sales, George has earned $3.5 million to $4.5 million.

Not come mention, GSP earned end $2.5 million after ~ winning a title match versus Michael Bisping. Except UFC and MMA, George made a an excellent amount of money indigenous brand deals, endorsements, and also as well together from movies.

Georges St-Pierre net Worth: Endorsements

Undoubtedly, George has an proof partnership with several firms and businesses, including NOS power Drinks, 888 Poker, Hayabusa, Budlight, Royer, and many other reputed brands.

After endorsing this products, Georges would earn second amount the $1-$2 million per fight.

Similarly, it is approximated that with all his earning and also endorsements, Georges would make a whopping quantity of $12-$15 million every year, in ~ the height of his UFC career.

However, there is not much information around the total amount that money George earns indigenous endorsements. Nonetheless, if we find any kind of information regarding his endorsement earnings, we will update you soon.

Georges St-Pierre network Worth: Houses and Cars

There’s no doubt the a human who earns in a million choose Georges resides a lavish, luxurious, and also comfortable life. Together of now, the previous MMA fighter stays in an elegant residence worth $4 million, located in Montreal.

Moreover, this is a dream house of Georges, and this rock house is composed of a swim pool, fine customized and also furnished kitchen, bedrooms, and also bathrooms.

Likewise, Pierre bought this house due to the fact that it is close to the gym not to spend more time travel to the gym daily.


Undoubtedly, Georges has some insane and also luxurious cars. No to mention, most of the time, the fighter is checked out driving a selection Rover.

Not only has he bought the auto for himself, but also he has actually bought the auto for his parents.

Georges St-Pierre’s range Rover

Similarly, Georges has gifted Toyota precious $40,000 come his parents. And besides, at the same time, that bought Nissan SUV worth $20,000 for him.

Treat because that Georges’ Family

Georges security money for himself, yet he loves come treat his household with gifts and other things.

Similarly, when Georges simply started to earn, his priority was paying his parents’ debt. And also later, the did salary $500,000 and also cleared every the blame his parental had. Also though Pierre’s parents were not ready to take his money, the later persuaded them.

Apart native that, Georges’ sister wanted to complete her master’s degree, however she can not join the master’s because of their jae won condition. Yet Georges payment for her college fee worth $10,000 and also made her dream come true.

Besides, Georges has actually given much more than $30,000 come his other friends. Nonetheless, all these points prove the Pierre is also a far better human beside from gift a brilliant fighter.

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How does Georges invest his money?

No doubt Georges earns quite a great money that money, but he also sends castle in the most bizarre manners. So let’s have actually a look at how Georges spends his millions.

Every year Georges spends around $200,000 of his an initial $1 million to travel for training.As us all know, Georges needs to train hard, and his training can be extreme. Similarly, this athlete to be recommended by doctors to an ice bath to aid the human body recover. Nontheless, Georges buys a jacuzzi and also an ice bath precious $20,000.Apart native that, Georges invested $500,000 to buy a Condo because that him; however, it required some renovation, so GSP spent an additional $100,000 because that renovation.Likewise, Georges is an extremely interested in dinosaurs’ fossils and anything pertained to them. As a result, Georges has actually bought numerous fossils, consisting of Megalodon tooth and Mosasaurus jaw, for much more than $20,000.

Georges St-Pierre net Worth: Lifestyle and also Vacations

Even though Georges has actually a lavish house and also luxurious cars, the likes to keep his daily life straightforward and minimal. Likewise, GSP loves to spend time through his family, and also now, as he is retired, that is largely seen v his family.

Besides, Georges has a son named Liam St-Pierre from his ex-girlfriend divine Kirezy. However, castle both got separated on good terms and looking after ~ their child in the best method possible.

Hence, in ~ the moment, GSP is at this time dating Genie Bouchard, and also there room no rumors that them acquiring married soon.

Besides, the gym is a great part the Georges’ everyday life. Similarly, to preserve his physique, George needs to follow a strictly diet plan, and he mostly focuses on fat loss, power, and also strength.

Likewise, over there is no cheat day because that him; Pierre workouts six days a week and takes at some point off every week.

Also, Georges’s diet is composed of 3200-35000 kcal every day and 350 grams that protein, 350 grams the carbs, and also 100 grams that fat.

Generally, GSP trains for four-five hours a day, correct! Four-five hours, insane, isn’t it? but definitely, the previous MMA fighter has actually worked really hard to be in the place where the is today, and of course, that deserves this success.

Georges St-Pierre net Worth: Vacation

Let it be because that his job-related or for spending time through his family; Georges loves travel worldwide.

Not to mention, GSP and also his girlfriend, together with his child Liam so on vacations sometimes.

Georges is enjoy it his vacation through his girlfriend.

Georges St-Pierre network Worth: Charity

Pierre is the funder that The Georges St-Pierre Foundation, and this is a non-profitable foundation. GSP formed this charitable company to enlighten young people and also save us from bullying or speak versus the bullying happening to them or near them.

Similarly, GSP himself has donated $1 million to this anti-bullying charity. Except that, Georges additionally helped human being during the COVID-19 pandemic.

He donated extra garments to needy human being during the pandemic to stay warm and aid to fight versus the deadly disease.

Additionally, his non-profitable charity organization is supposed to have given more than $50 million in charity.

Georges St-Pierre Movies

Besides acting, Georges has worked in a lot of movies as well. Similarly, the has additionally been seen in Marvel’s most renowned film, Captain America.

Apart indigenous that, Georges has likewise worked in never ever Surrender, Kickboxer: Vengeance, fatality Warrior, take it Down: The DNA that GSP, and also many more.

Undoubtedly, he has actually performed well in these movies, and he has actually been appreciated for all his characters.

Georges St-Pierre Career

GSP started his career at a an extremely young age, and also he trained self in combined martial arts and also various jiu-jitsu training. He started his MMA career, made multiple records, and also successfully came to be one the the ideal fighters in MMA history.

Even though Georges has actually an median childhood, his parents never ever stopped him from pursuing his dreams. Likewise, they also supported him and also encouraging him to do better all the time.

However, Georges’s life changed in 2004 when he acquired a chance to it is in in UFC. He gradually started acquiring public attention and also appreciation and gained momentum in his career.

In his UFC career, he has actually won various titles, and also for ripe years, that has efficiently maintained his streak and also defended his title.

However, in 2019, Georges announced his retirement via a press conference at the Bell Centre located in Montreal.

And a year later, the MMA fighter was then inducted into the UFC hall of Fame, a befitting finishing for a fighter prefer him.

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“There is a difference between a fighter and a martial artist. A fighter is training for a purpose: He has a fight. I’m a martial artist. I don’t train for a fight. Ns train for myself. I’m training every the time. My score is perfection. Yet I will never reach perfection.”“The an ext knowledge friend get, the much more questions you ask. The smarter you get, the an ext you realize that every little thing can it is in possible.”“If girlfriend fear and also you don’t admit it, that’s once you’re lying come yourself.”

Some facts about GSP

Georges’s classmates used to bully him and also steal his lunch and also money.Similarly, GSP joined karate to obtain the courage come fight against the bullying the faced.Further, once Georges payment his parent’s debt, the tried to maintained it a secret, however later his mother found out about it. And also she cries over the phone and says lock can’t usage his money, yet later, Georges convinces her to store that money.

Frequently Asked concerns (FAQs)

When walk George St-Pierre make his acting debut?

Georges make his acting debut in 2009 from the film named, never Surrender.

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Is GSP married?

No, the isn’t. However, he has a kid from his ex-girlfriend.