Upcoming changes in the means Cincinnati subway charges bus fare will mean some riders will need to pay an ext while others will pay less.

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Starting Sunday, the transit company will perform a arrangement officials say will simplify exactly how Metro collects fares.

Under the present fare structure, subway buses run in six zones, with varying ticket prices based on which ar riders space traveling to or from. If a rider captures their metro within Cincinnati city limits, the fare is $1.75; transparent the remainder of the county, the expense is $2.65. Outside Hamilton County, the prices differ further.

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The brand-new system will remove zones altogether and also instead operate with three basic fare amounts no matter where a rider catches the bus:

Local routes in Hamilton County: $2Express courses in Hamilton County: $2.65Express paths in Butler, Clermont and also Warren counties: $3.75 (Metro does not operate any kind of non-express paths in these counties.)

The change method city bus riders will pay 25 cents more per ride under the brand-new fare framework than they carry out now, and also riders throughout the remainder of the county will pay 65 cent less.

The adjust in fares is part of the transit agency"s bigger Reinventing subway plan, which also includes route and also schedule expansions, among other improvements to bus service throughout the county. In April of critical year, county voters narrowly approved one 0.8% sales tax increase to generate much more local resources for Cincinnati metro bus service and also road and bridge enhancements along the routes.

The Reinventing subway plan also introduces the following new fare options:

$4.00 Hamilton ar local company day happen (replacing the former Zone 1 job pass, priced at $4.50)$5.30 Hamilton county Express day pass$7.50 Suburban county Express work pass$10 5-ride Hamilton ar local business ticket$2.00 half-fare day happen for eligible riders, consisting of Fare deal and accessibility riders, college of Cincinnati and also Cincinnati State Community and also Technical university students, UC staff, and also children riders between 35 and 45 inches tall