The single finest instance of the 1804 united state silver dollar sold for an astonishing $7.68 million in ~ a Stack’s Bowers Galleries auction on Tuesday to end up being the most expensive coin that its kind.

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The course I silver- dollar, which has been graded Proof-68 by skilled Coin Grading Service, was readily available from the arsenal of the late coin connoisseur D. Brent Pogue and boasts one helluva backstory.

Quite precise a token of American history, the prior of the silver- dollar is emblazoned through Liberty’s bust and inscribed with the day “1804” and also the word “liberty.” The back, meanwhile, attributes an eagle and also 13 stars that stand for the original colonies. The was produced at the request of chairman Andrew Jackson to serve as a diplomatic gift for fellow people leaders.


The 1804 silver Dollar sold for a record-breaking $7.68 million.Stack’s Bowers Galleries

This particular example to be struck in 1834 and also presented to claimed bin Sultan Al-Said, the Sultan of Muscat and Oman, one year later on in 1835, follow to the auction house. In the history, the rarity has actually graced just 4 private numismatic collections, including those of Charles A. Watters, Virgil M. Brand, the Childs family and also the Pogue family. The has also sold at auction only once, in 1999, once Pogue, who died in 2019 at period 54, purchase the coin native the Childs family for the then-record price of $4.14 million.

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The coin, which eclipsed its original estimate of $7 million, now ranks as the second priciest silver- dollar in existence. The top spot belongs come a 1794 flow Hair silver- dollar that Stack’s Bowers marketed for $10 million in 2013. It’s likewise one that the height 10 many expensive coins in numismatic history. The number one on the list is, the course, the desire 1933 dual Eagle that hammered because that a lofty $18.9 million in ~ Sotheby’s critical June to take the location of the world’s most expensive coin.

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