Other than available space, the biggest factor most people have to consider when purchase a swimming pool table is the cost. We all know that a high-quality, well-built swimming pool table no going to it is in cheap. But exactly just how much walk a swimming pool table cost?On average, a new slate pool table for in residence use will cost between $1800-$3000. However, pool tables with MDF (wood) beds are substantially cheaper and also can generally be to buy for around $700-$1500.

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There are lots of different determinants that impact the in its entirety price of a table. We’ll discuss them all and also look at some examples so friend can obtain an idea that what to expect in her price range.Want to inspect out some billiard gear we like? examine out these articles!Best pool Cues because that the Money: A Cue because that Every Budget18 unique Pool Table lights for your Billiard Room23 Must have actually Billiard accessories You Can’t carry out WithoutTop 10 finest Pool Tables Under $1000

What Other costs Are associated with to buy a swimming pool Table?

Typically once buying a brand-new pool table, the price of shipping and also assembly is included in the complete price. And also depending on what you buy, the may also come with everything you should start playing immediately.But in the event these prices aren’t spanned in her purchase, or you buy a supplied table, what need to you expect to pay for moving/assembly and also the equipment you require to obtain started? allows take a watch at the now.

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Moving and Assembly

When purchase a pool table, particularly a provided one, it can be tempting to shot and move it yourself v the aid of a few friends. Although act this may save you some money, this is a job best left come the professionals, specifically if she buying a slate table.Most price quotes I have found for moving and also assembling a pool table are between $300-$600. This price have the right to vary depending on the load of the table, how far it has to be moved, room there stairs that need to be climbed, etc.Another potential cost to be mindful of once buying a provided table is repair work. If the table needs brand-new felt or is in rough as whole condition, having these concerns addressed deserve to be costly. Simply be certain to inspect out a supplied table thoroughly and get price quotes in breakthrough for any kind of necessary fix work and also moving/assembly expenses.The an excellent thing about buying provided tables is the you canusually get them in ~ a portion of the new cost. A most times when world aremoving, the hassle of relocating a pool table simply isn’t worth it. So instead oftaking it with them, they allow it go cheap just to obtain it out of the way. This isa great opportunity because that anyone looking to buy a table without spending afortune. And most that the time, offered tables come with everything you must startplaying immediately.All in all, buying offered is a great way to save some cash, assumingit doesn’t need a lot of work and also the moving/assembly prices aren’t also bad.