A significant point to recognize is condition of your coin. Grade identify 1964 nickel value. Collectible coins space those discovered in excellent problem with all details remaining.

Follow the measures to determine date and mint mix and climate the state of conservation of your coin. A few subtle points when recognized help determine just how much these vintage Jefferson nickels room worth.


Steps causing Value:

Step 1: Date and Mintmark variety - Vintage nickels room identified and also valued by date and mint variety. Confirm your nickel"s variety.

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Step 2: Grading condition - compare to images of various grades, identify the quality in demand and also awarded premium value.Step 3: Special attributes - Collectors support the worth to old coins. Vintage Jefferson nickels are gathered in plenty of ways developing different levels of demand and ultimately, exactly how much they room worth.
1964 Jefferson Nickel ValueCondition the CoinDateGoodFineExtremelyFineMintState
1964 Jefferson Nickel value Up-Dated2021
1964$0.05 $0.05 $0.05 $0.63
1964 D$0.05 $0.05 $0.05 $0.63

Collections that vintage Jefferson nickels are created by day plus mint variety. Through 1964 nickels both arrays are comparable in value, but both are essential to finish a collection. One significant factor to discovering a premium nickel is the problem of the coin. Huge numbers to be minted, from these it is the top condition examples today"s collectors pursue.

A few steps are necessary to correctly recognize your 1964 range and feasible collectability.

Step 1: | Date and Mintmark variety Identified

Varieties that 1964 Jefferson Nickel to Recognize

Two mints created a vast 2.8 exchange rate nickels date 1964. In bespeak to reach this number, production of nickels date 1964 continued into the adhering to year. The U.S. Was suffering a coin shortage at the time; increased numbers of minor coinage to be needed.

With the exceptional number of original mintages, the 2 mint ranges (Philadelphia and also Denver) 1964 nickels are really abundant today. Both ranges are collected separately and also important to appropriately identify.

1964-D Jefferson Nickel

"D" Mintmark on Reverse: Denver Mint win the Coin


Denver was the leading production mint the 1964 nickels. 1.8 Billion were released into circulation, a record number. With so countless available, the condition of your coin is the deciding factor to value.

Identify Denver nickels by the "D" mintmark on the reverse. To the best of Monticello, a tiny "D" mark is the Denver mint variety.

1964 Jefferson Nickel

No Mintmark top top Reverse: Philadelphia Mint to win the Coin


Also releasing right into circulation end 1 billion 1964 nickels, Philadelphia collection a record for its production. These coins are considered common for the vintage era Jefferson series. A collector has plenty of to choose from as soon as deciding top top a 1964 nickel to include to a set. Condition and aesthetic appeal room the major considerations. Peak grade examples are the coins precious a premium over face value.

Philadelphia walk not place mintmarks ~ above coins in 1964. The room between the rim and also right side of Monticello is empty on Philadelphia mint range nickels the 1964.

Step 2: | Judge problem to recognize Grade

Mint State or Circulated specifies 1964 Jefferson Nickel Value

Grading judges surface high quality of coins. Major and minor differences in the quantity of wear are identified and also compared to pictures representing grades. Inspecting crucial points of the architecture determines the remaining quality of the surface and is offered to gage progression of wear.

Mint State Grade

Mint State: No wear come the surface is the definition of a nickel in Mint State grade. The coin is in the condition as minted, through all original detail visible, and also importantly the structure of luster consists the surface.

Using the presence of luster as an clues of preservation, look very closely at the surface ar of the steel of Jefferson"s face. High and low relief areas defining the cheek and also his mouth space all consistent; texture, shine, and also color ton of the steel matches. An absence of wear and smoothing the the metal is confirming the mint state grade. Structure of luster is quickly removed as soon as a coin is used and also a smooth surface of wear is dull in color tone.

Jefferson"s hair and the big area the collar and also shoulder are all reflecting a comparable shine together his face. Luster is complete on coins without wear.


Extremely Fine: Trace quantities of wear lightly scattered top top high locations describes a nickel in extremely Fine grade. Most luster is currently removed and a slim amount of color readjust and dullness is checked out on high points.

Jefferson"s cheek below the eye is currently worn a smooth texture. A flat area has actually developed and removed the rounded contour of the cheek. In the areas of his mouth and also chin the raised locations are start to flatten and show smoothness.

Overall, the fresh details of hair strands room slightly visible helping confirm the extremely Fine grade. Young wear has reduced the border of the collar v a separation simply visible come the shoulder and coat.

Low grade Condition: Visually, a center to heavily worn nickel is smooth throughout most the the design. Lacking fine information identifies the coin as listed below the extremely Fine grade.

Large areas of flatness room seen on facial features. A when high-profile cheek is reduced and also connected to the eyebrow and also jaw in one level area. Jefferson"s hair is smooth with no fine strands that hair visible.

The high collar is visibly worn level in areas and the line separating the shoulder is lacking across the center area. The reverse display screens heavy wear with Monticello faint throughout the front; small details that the windows are really faint. Overall, the pleasing eye very nice one of a well comprehensive coin is missing on short grade Jefferson nickels.

First is the vintage era the the series 1938 come 1964; a layout within the continuing Jefferson design. Staying specifically with the vintage time frame, a finish date and also mint collection is a well-known pursuit of numerous collectors. The difficulty of all instances in mint state class is rewarded with a collection of 71 nickels displaying this coins with their finish as produced condition.

A an extremely special template within the era are the silver concerns of the year 1942 v 1945. A unique coin that the whole U.S. Coinage was created with the addition of silver- to the metal composition that Jefferson nickels. A set of "silver nickels" is a historical and beneficial collection on its own.

A kind collection that the U.S. Nickels is a popular means to collect. An example of each style of nickels is developed into a set representing nickel coinage from its beginnings to current. One each of the Shield, Liberty, Buffalo, and also Jefferson series is collected. Making use of "first year the issue" pieces, a 1938 Jefferson is liked to display the design. Start years of style coinage room in stable demand.

Certain year standout v special traits. A collection of simply 1942 date nickels includes:

1942 Philadelphia | Copper Nickel Alloy1942 Denver | Copper Nickel Alloy1942 Philadelphia | silver Alloy1942 san Francisco | silver- Alloy

Interestingly, Philadelphia is the only mint striking, in the exact same year, both a Copper Nickel and also Silver variety.

Some collectors specialize in just one mint, in the Jefferson series, the mountain Francisco mint is popular. A specialty collection of san Francisco Jefferson nickels has a "first year the issue" the 1938; a short mintage variety. Also, five of the height ten lowest mintage nickels the the collection were win at san Francisco. Silver concerns of 1942 to 1945 encompass San Francisco coins, adding a unique appeal to the collection.

Popularity that collecting Jefferson has a solid base of historic value. Plenty of variations in themes and how to collect the series are available to every collectors. Affordability to new and young, and challenges to progressed collectors are uncovered within the vintage era Jefferson nickel.


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All old U.S. Coin values. Image and also descriptive index bring about value charts. Step by step an approach to day and range identification. And grading problem by comparing come images, video clip and descriptions. Special characteristics are also judged. Uncover how much your crate of old coins is worth.