Raw cotton, offered in bales, is save on computer in the warehouses of noodle suppliers and dealers. In India, a bale of noodle is indistinguishable to 375 pounds, if in the unified States, it is 470 pounds. A module deserve to be consisted of of 13 to 15 bales. There can be sport in load due to differences in ginning operations and also the supplier.

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How lot does a bale of cotton cost?

The cost of cotton will depend on the length, that strength, uniformity and color; however, various other metrics may be associated as well.

According come the IRS, every bale will have 500 pounds and also the standard will expense $0.70 to $0.80 per pound. Law the math, the mean bale at 470 pounds can cost $329. But like the stock market, the will count on the current market conditions. Arrangement on spending all over from as little as $0.60 to an ext than $1.50 per pound.

Visit indexmundi.com to see current market conditions.

Some retailers online, together as littlebalesofcotton.com, sell tiny two-inch bales because that $8 and also 18-inch for $65.

The cost of cotton cloth can price $0.50 come $1.50 every foot.

What space the extra costs?

Depending on the quantity and also buyer, shipping charges will much more than likely apply.

Tips to know

Cotton is supplied as a fiber, feed and also even food crop. It’s well-known for its versatility, appearance, performance and also natural comfort. About two-thirds of the cotton harvested today is crushed right into seed, which in turn, can create cottonseed oil — something discovered in salad dressing and shortening.

Texas is the largest state that produces cotton. Historically, though, China is the largest grower, adhered to by India. The United claims comes in third. 17 claims harvest cotton.

Depending on the geographical location, cotton is typically planted in February in south Texas and as late as June in the northern locations of the cotton Belt. That will start to be harvested in late July till November.

A bale of noodle can produce a pinch an ext than 1,000 t-shirts or much more than 300,000 $100 bills.

The mean acre yields about 685 pounds that cotton, which means an acre is worth around $500.

How lot does it expense to produce cotton? on average, it prices a farmer about $0.60 come $0.70 every acre when all operating prices such as seed, fertilizer, fuel, repairs, water and labor are factored in.

How deserve to I conserve money?

Many exporters and suppliers have an online keep where you have the right to directly call them. Contact at the very least three companies to talk about their pricing and what they can do because that you.

Buying locally might save on shipping costs.

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