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Lot 1005 that 123: 1955 Brooklyn Dodgers signed baseball consisting of Jackie Robinson. Dodgers souvenir sphere with the team"s pri...

Conditions that Sale

1. Binding Terms

The lots provided in this catalogue will certainly be offered by brand-new York together owner or as agent because that consignor topic to the adhering to terms and conditions. Where is agent, the contract is in between seller and also buyer. The following problems of Sale and also Terms of insurance constitute the entire commitment with the purchaser family member to the property provided in this catalogue. By betterworld2016.orgding in ~ auction girlfriend agree to be bound by these terms:

2. Together Is

All lots are sold “AS IS” and without recourse and neither brand-new York nor its consignor makes any warranties or representations, express or implied, with respect to together lots, other than for the limited warranties expressly stated in the regards to Guarantee section of this catalogue. Prospective buyers are strongly recommend to study personally any property in which they are interested, prior to the auction take away place, to identify its condition, size, and also whether or no it has actually been repaired or restored.

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Except as otherwise expressly and also specifically provided in the regards to Guarantee, neither new York no one its consignor makes any type of express or implied warranty or depiction of any kind or nature through respect come merchantability, fitness because that purpose, correctness of the catalogue or other description of the physics condition, size, quality, rarity, importance, medium, material, genuineness, attribution, provenance, period, culture, source, origin, exhibitions, literature or historic significance of any lot sold. The lack of any reference come the problem of a lot walk not imply that the many is in perfect condition or completely cost-free from wear and also tear, imperfections or the effects of aging; no one does a reference to certain defects suggest the absence of others.References in the catalogue entry or the problem report to damages or reconstruction are for guidance only and should be evaluate by personal inspection by the betterworld2016.orgder or a knowledgeable representative.

The terms of Guarantee space controlling, and also no statement, whether composed or oral, and whether do in this catalogue, one advertisement, a bill of sale, a salesroom posting or announcement, the remarks of an auctioneer, or otherwise, candlestick be considered to create any type of warranty, depiction or assumption of liability. All statements by brand-new York in the catalogue entry for the property or in the problem report, or do orally or in composing elsewhere, are statements of opinion and are no to be relied ~ above asstatements that fact. Except as proclaimed in the regards to Guarantee, no new York nor the seller is responsible in any method for errors or omissions in the catalogue or any kind of supplemental material. Buyers are responsible for satisfying themselves concerning the condition of the property and also the matters referred to in the catalogue entry.

3. Withdrawal new York make reservation the appropriate to withdraw any lot at any time prior to thecommencement of betterworld2016.orgding because that such lot and also shall have no legal responsibility whatsoever forsuch withdrawal.

4. Reserves

If the auctioneer decides that any kind of opening is listed below the worth of the lot of offered, the auctioneer may refuse that and withdraw the lot indigenous sale; and if, havingacknowledged an opening, that decides that any advance thereafter is insufficient, that may reject that advance. Unless otherwise indicated, every lots are readily available subjectto a reserve, i m sorry is the confidential minimum price below which together lot will certainly notbe sold. No reserve will certainly exceed the low estimate of the lot. Reserves are agreedupon v the consignor or, in the lack thereof, in the pure discretion of new York.

Unless otherwise announced by the auctioneer, all betterworld2016.orgs are per lot together numbered in the catalogue. Lots significant C coming before the estimate are consigned and also reserved. Those marked • room reserved residential property in which new York has actually an interest. brand-new York on occasion makes loans or developments funds to consignors.

The auctioneer might implement the make reservation by opened betterworld2016.orgding on any lot by place a on behalf of the seller. The auctioneer will not specifically determine betterworld2016.orgs inserted on instead of of the seller. The auctioneer may additional on instead of of the seller, up to the quantity of the reserve, through placing succeeding or consecutive betterworld2016.orgs because that a lot or by put betterworld2016.orgs in solution to other betterworld2016.orgders. Unless otherwise detailed in the catalogue or by an notice at the auction, brand-new York acts together agent on behalf of the seller and also does no permit the seller come on his or her own property.

5. Estimates

Each lot in the catalogue is given a low and high estimate representing that variety which, in the opinion the brand-new York, represents a fair and also probable auction value. As soon as possible, the estimate is based on previous auction documents of similar property, condition, rarity, quality and also provenances. The approximates are often established several months prior to a sale and also are as such subject to adjust upon further research that the property, or come reflect market conditions or currency fluctuations. Approximates are subject to revision. Actual prices realized for items deserve to fall listed below or over this range. An calculation of the offering price must not be relied on together a statement the this is the price at which the items will offer or its value for any type of other purpose. Estimates do not encompass the buyer’s premium. Where “Estimate ~ above Request” appears, please call the Specialist room for more information.

6. Betterworld2016.orgding brand-new York reserves the right, in ~ our finish discretion, to refuse join to the premises or joining in any auction and to reject any, and also the appropriate to refuse to acknowledge any kind of betterworld2016.orgder. The highest betterworld2016.orgder recognized by theauctioneer will be the purchaser. The auctioneer has the best at his absolute and sole discretion to advancement the betterworld2016.orgding in together a manner as he might decide, to retract or divide any lot, and to combine any type of two or more lots. In the occasion of error or dispute between betterworld2016.orgders, or in the occasion of doubt on our component as to the validity of any kind of, whether during or after ~ the sale, the auctioneer has final discretion to identify the successful betterworld2016.orgder, to continue the betterworld2016.orgding, come cancel the sale, or to reoffer and also resell the lot of in dispute. If any dispute arises after the sale, the new York sale record shall be conclusive.

7. Purchaser's Responsibility

Title passes upon the loss of the auctioneer’s hammer come the greatest acknowledged betterworld2016.orgder, topic to the problems of sale collection forth herein. Such betterworld2016.orgder there uponassumes complete risk and responsibility there for (including, without limitation, liabilityfor or damage to frames and also glass covering prints, paintings or various other works). Back in ours discretion we will execute orders or absentee betterworld2016.orgs or accept telephone betterworld2016.orgs together a convenience to clients who room not existing at auctions, we space not responsible for any kind of errors or fault in connection therewith.

When do a, a betterworld2016.orgder is accepting personal liability to salary the acquisition price together follows, uneven it has been explicitly agreed in writing through new York prior to the start of the sale the the betterworld2016.orgder is acting together agent on behalf of anidentified third party acceptable to brand-new York, and also that new York willlook only to the principal for payment:

The complete purchase price to be payment by purchaser is the amount of the effective price plusa premium that 26% on the first $600,000 of the hammer price of each lot, 21% top top the part of the hammer price indigenous $600,001 v $4,000,000, and 15% on that part of the hammer price exceeding $4,000,000.

All purchases nevertheless of betterworld2016.orgding technique are topic to the Buyer's Premium and appropriate Sales Tax.

The total purchase price come be paid by purchaser is the amount of the successful price plusa premium of 26% ~ above the first $600,000 the the hammer price of each lot, 21% ~ above the section of the hammer price indigenous $600,001 v $4,000,000, and also 15% top top that part of the hammer price exceeding $4,000,000.

Prior come the sale, the buyer must administer us through his or her name and also permanentaddress and, if therefore requested, details of the bank from i m sorry payment will certainly be made.

The balance that the acquisition price, if any, will certainly be paid not later than 5 pm one (1) day adhering to the work of the auction. Such payment shall it is in made in U.S. Dollars through certified or cashier inspect drawn on a U.S. Financial institution unless other arrangements are made v brand-new York. The buyer will certainly not obtain title to the lot till we have actually received all amounts due to united state from the buyer in great cleared funds even in scenarios where we have actually released the lot to the buyer. new York reserves the right to organize merchandise purchased by personal check till the examine has cleared the bank.

The purchaser agrees to pay new York a dealing with charge of $35 for any check dishonored through the drawee.

At some auctions there might be a video clip or digital screen. Errors may happen in itsoperation and also in the high quality of the image, and new York does not accept liability because that such errors.

Any objects offered at this auction i m sorry contain materials from a species that isendangered or protected, including, yet not minimal to, ivory, coral and also tortoiseshell, might require a patent or certificate prior to exportation native the United states or an individual state and added certificates or licenses for importation into an additional state or country. Some products may no be exported, imported into other claims or countries or resold. The is the purchaser’s duty to be aware of applicable legislations andregulations and also to obtain any kind of required export or income licenses or certificates and also any various other requireddocumentation.

Further, the purchaser shall be responsible for on-time payment of the full purchase price the the lot, even if the obtaining of any type of such license is refuse or delayed. assumes no liability because that failing to identify materials from intimidated or protected varieties or for erroneously identifying such materials.

8. Remedies easily accessible to new York

In enhancement to the various other remedies available to united state by law, us reserve the appropriate to impose a late fee of 1 1/2% per month that the complete purchase price if payment is no made in accordance with the conditions set forth herein. All property should be eliminated from our basic by the purchaser at their expense not later on than (2) company daysfollowing its revenue and, if that is no removed, new York to make reservation the best to fee a minimum storage fee of $5 every lot every day or to deliver the building to a windy warehouse because that storage in ~ the purchaser’s expense, to it is in released just after payment in full of all removal, storage, handling, insurance and also any other costs incurred,together through payment of every other amounts due come us. new York shall have actually no liability for any kind of damage to residential or commercial property left on its premises for more than (2) days following the sale.

If any applicable problems herein room not adhered to by the purchaser, in enhancement to other remedies obtainable to us and also the consignor through law, including without limitation the best to organize the purchaser liable for the total purchase price, including all fees, charges and also expenses more fully set forth herein, we shall be licensed has been granted in our absolute discretion to practice one or much more of the complying with rightsor remedies:

To fee interest at such rate as us shall sensibly select;To hold the defaulting buyer liable because that the full amount due and also to commence legitimate proceedings for its recovery along with interest, legit fees and also costs to the fullest extent permitted under applicable law;Cancel the revenue of that, or any other lot or lots sold to the defaulting purchaser in ~ the very same or any type of other auction, retaining as liquidated damages all payments made by the purchaser;Resell the property whether at personal sale or publicly auction without reserve, and also the purchaser will certainly be responsible for any deficiency, cost, including dealing with charges, the prices of both sales, our commission top top both sales in ~ our consistent rate, all other charges early out hereunder and also incidental damages;To collection off the impressive amount continuing to be unpaid through the buyer against any amounts which we might owe the the person who lives in any other transactions;Where several quantities are owed by the the person who lives to us, in respect the differenttransactions, come apply any amount paid to discharge any type of amount owed in respect that any certain transaction, whether or not the buyer so directs;To reject at any future auction any betterworld2016.orgs make by or on behalf of the buyer or torequire a deposit from the buyer prior to accepting any type of betterworld2016.orgs;To take such various other actions together we deem vital or appropriate; orTo effect any combination thereof.

In addition, a defaulting purchaser will certainly be deemed to have granted and assigned to united state a continuing security interest of an initial priority in, and we might retain as collateralsecurity because that such purchaser’s obligations to us, any type of property or money of or owing to together purchaser in ours possession. We shall have all of the rights accorded a secured party under the brand-new York Uniform advertising Code through respect to such property and also we might apply against such obligations all monies organized or received by us for the account of, or due native us, to together purchaser. In ~ our option, payment will not be understood to have been make in complete until we have gathered funds represented by checks, or in the case of bank or cashier’s checks, us have confirmed their authenticity. In the occasion the purchaser stops working to pay any or all of the full purchaser price for any kind of lot and also new York nevertheless elects to salary the consignor any part of the sale proceeds, the purchaser acknowledges that new York chandelier have every one of the civil liberties of the consignor to seek the purchaser because that any amounts paid come the consignor, whether at law, in equity, or under these problems of Sale.

9. Limited Liability

If for any type of cause a to buy lot can not be yielded in as an excellent condition as at the moment of sale, or should any kind of purchased many be steal or mis-delivered or shed prior to delivery, new York shall not be liable for any amount in excess of that paid by the purchaser. We room not responsible for the plot or failure of carrier or packers of to buy lots, even if it is or no recommended by us. Packing and handling ofpurchased lots by us is at the whole risk the the purchaser and also brand-new York will have actually no legal responsibility for any loss or damage to such items.

10. new York Employees

Employees the new York room not prohibited indigenous betterworld2016.orgding top top property. In the course of their employment the is feasible that they may have access to info not accessible to the public.

11.Waiver the Conditions

Any and every one of these problems may it is in waived or modified in the sole discretion that new York. The conditions of Sale, regards to Guarantee, the glossary, if any,and every other components of this catalogue are subject to amendment by us by oralannouncements made during the sale.

Salesroom notices amend the catalogue description of a lot after our catalogue has actually gone to press. They space posted in the city hall galleries and salesroom or are announced through the auctioneer. You re welcome take note of them.


All measurements and weight space approximate. new York is no responsible for damage of glass covering paintings, drawings, various other works or frames and lamp shades nevertheless of cause.


If any part of these conditions of sale is discovered by any kind of court to it is in invalid, illegal or unenforceable, the balance the the conditions shall proceed to be valid to the fullest extent permitted through law.


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The rights and also obligations that the parties through respect come these conditions of Sale and Terms of Guarantee, and also the purchaser’s and also our corresponding rights andobligations hereunder, the command of the auction and also any matters connected with any kind of of the foregoing, shall it is in governed and interpreted by the laws of the State of new York. By betterworld2016.orgding at auction, whether current in human being or by agent, by composed, phone call or various other means, the buyer shall be reputed to have submitted, forthe advantage of new York, come the exclude, jurisdiction that the federal or statecourts situated in the state and county of new York and waives any kind of objection come the jurisdiction and also venue of any type of such court.