Hey people - surely what on the net someone has actually compiled lists of the original retail prices for various Hammond models and also cabs/Leslies/etc, or at the very least the vital models. I"m simply curious, after seeing that 1963 B3 in dead-mint, living-room-pro-installation condition the other day, thinking "what would this have expense in 1963?" Somebody point me in the right direction. Thanks!~Brannon

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Re: original prices of Hammond organsHistorically, a new Hammond B-3 marketed for around the very same priceas a brand-new Buick LaSabre.

Re: original prices that Hammond organsA Buick LeSabre the the very same year, you mean? Two-door? Four-door? Wagon?Can we carry out any far better than that? (I"m not easily finding those Buick price either.) i was born in 1979, so ns don"t know what anything expense in the late-50s/early-60s!What around other models?

Re: original prices the Hammond organsHere is a 1957 price list:http://www.archive.org/stream/Hammon...ge/n0/mode/1up
Hammonds: A; AB; B3; D; E; 6-M3"s; 2-A100; T582C.Leslies: 3-31H; 21H, 22H, 4-44W; 46W; 25; 47; 45; 125; 50C; 51; 55C; 2-120; 122; 122A; 145; 147; 245; 770; 825; 2-102; 2-103; 300.Wicks 2/5 pipeline organ; Yamaha upright; Kurzweil Micro Piano & Micro B v M-Audio Oxygen 61; Yamaha DGX520; Wurlitzer 4100 (it came with a Leslie!). Peavey KB100 key-board amp. Peavey base Guitar. Yes, I have A. D. (acquisition disorder) and also don"t want it cured.

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Re: initial prices that Hammond organsWhile not completely on topic, right here is something written by Harvey Olsen part years ago about how come grade the current condition of old Hammond B3"s.Rating guide For "Collector-Grade" B3sSomething a small different for a Sunday Morning...I"m often asked to price old Hammonds but sellers don"t constantly like the results. I put this less-than-serious overview together for just those occasions. It"s not intended to it is in a legitimate guide for assessing old Hammonds.10.00This organ doesn"t exist! There have actually been no "perfect 10s" because the last B3 left the manufacturing facility in the mid-70s. Even then, most B3s were much less than "perfect" as soon as they were built! The whimsical "B3-in-a-box" doesn"t qualify either because it surely has difficulties related come age. Forget around trying to number out what constitutes a "10," this organ is a fantasy mostly in the mental of neurotic collectors. However, in the unlikely event that such an organ does exist, it"s surprise away in a glass case somewhere in Japan. You would not be enabled to touch, permit alone play it. In fact, no one, not even the current owner is allowed to play it. 9.00B3s in this range are as good as a 25+ year old console have the right to be. They space original and cosmetically, mechanically, and also electrically perfect. However, they virtually never come up for sale so don"t waste her time looking for one. Need to one show up on the market, it method that the owner has died or his family members had him cursed for excessive obsessive-compulsive behavior!In any case, the price would be outrageous. Friend can"t purchased it unless you are willing to sign over your retirement account and first-born come the seller. 8.00This was granny"s so late husband"s organ! six years back you might have scammed the old girl and also grabbed this B3 because that 300 bucks yet now she to know what a lowlife you yes, really are! An market that would certainly have brought a laugh after the funeral will now likely acquire you the finger. ~ all, she has the same sources you have due to the fact that her son gave her that damn computer! This rig ain"t leave the condo until sufficient money alters hands because that a confront lift and also an s cruise come Tahiti! and also keep in mind that granny likewise needs many extra cash for the slot machines and also blackjack gamings onboard ship.7.00Okay, this B3 is less than perfect yet it"s no all that bad.Everything is intact and it dram great. The vacuum cleaner banged into the legs and bench a few times and the music rack that obtained busted as soon as Darth Vader walk airborne to be expertly repaired. This organ has remained in the same family members for nearly three generations, it has actually survived lot of moves, kids, grand kids, and a divorce. Alimony is a bitch therefore the owner is now willing to component with it because that a mere $8000 as lengthy as you pay for the moving. And also if you"re really nice, the will also toss in the JR-20. 6.00You would more than likely rate this B3 as "average," unless, of course, it"s ~ above eBay where it would be "mint" or "pristine!" It spent the 50s in a restaurant cocktail lounge where it acquired its weird yellow keys and also smell from all the cigarette smoke and cooking grease. The tiny burn in the left cheek block is less than attractive. This organ went residence with the owner-organist once he retired in 1965 and also it has actually not to be played or serviced since. Of food it"s complete of crud and also won"t start, but if girlfriend bust your ass for several weeks, you have the right to likely restore earlier to fairly decent shape. The questioning price because that the B3 (and the beater 21H Leslie the came with it) is $5000, or roughly dual what the pair marketed for new in 1955.5.00This body organ was sold to a touring gospel group after the initial owner/wannabe absent star decided to gain a real job. Cosmetics are no much longer a factor in determining value. The autumn board, music rack, and also original bench are missing. Surprisingly, the rest of the organ is mostly intact yet it"s top top it"s third set of pedals. Various gospel musicians with huge feet stomped the an initial two sets of pedals into firewood years ago. Through necessity, this B3 has seen serviced regularly however the manuals, drawbars, electronics, etc., room disasters. When it"s ultimately replaced, it will certainly be offered to an additional gospel group due to the fact that no one else will pay the questioning price. 4.00This B3 is comparable to one above but the damage is more professional.It was on tour with a surname rock act for a number years so the pedals, and even the initial console are lengthy gone. The new "console" is essentially a packing crate but that"s okay since it stays in a custom trip case. Very tiny is original, factory parts that weren"t replaced were heavily modified. Naturally the organ sounds choose ****, any similarity in between the sound the this rocker and a share B3 is completely coincidental. The original owner spent $20,000 because that "customizing" yet it has been turned right into a pile of junk. However, don"t think you have the right to buy that cheap! one aging rock-fan-turned stock-broker has offered to pay ten time what it"s actually worth for the bragging civil liberties of owning it. 3.00Newbies believe B3s prefer this are good but, in reality, the body organ is a complete RAT! even diehard B3 enthusiasts are turned off by that deplorable condition. It might work but it requires substantial work prior to it have the right to be changed to trustworthy service. Years ago people junked guts in this condition however now have 2nd thoughts. Uneven you MUST have actually THIS organ, don"t it is in tempted by the short price. Considering the average human thinks any organ on 4 legs is a B3, a 60s Lowrey Festival is a much better deal. Only your mom or the finance firm will understand for sure. 2.00This "organ" qualifies together a B3 due to the fact that 51% the the original pieces are consisted of in the deal. Of food it doesn"t work, it can"t! There"s not enough "organ" left because that it to work! uneven you space certifiably crazy (or energetic on particular online Hammond individuals groups), girlfriend won"t consider "project organs" choose this because that anything various other than salvage. If, by chance, girlfriend have already bought this organ, you can always component it out on eBay because that a hefty profit. Other Hammond enthusiasts understand your plight therefore the level the ridicule will be minimal. 1.00Even the many optimistic enthusiast acknowledges the reality that this item of junk has lost its right to be dubbed a B3. Much more pieces are lacking than included, and those that remain are too much gone to have any salvage value. However, if the skeletal continues to be of the console room present, and you are incredibly naive, you might still think that still has actually some "potential." when all the laughs and also bad hoax subside, friend can always turn this botched autopsy right into an summary sculpture. Even eBay is no an option in instances like this. Expect you had some fun with this,Harvey OlsenMusicville, Inc.