The Chihuahua is a little bit of a divisive breed. There are some that think that they are annoying little dogs that space too highly strung, and others that love them as if they to be their tiny babies.

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Chihuahua lover adore these tiny dogs in all your colors. However, some are attracted to the idea the a blue chihuahua together something a tiny different.

Here we want to carry out a fast guide top top this interesting tiny sub-breed v all the crucial blue chihuahua info.

This way a closer look in ~ the physics features and coat colour of this dog, and also the potential affect of the gene ~ above health and behavior. Us will also look at where to get one, and also the blue chihuahua price.

What colors deserve to we really intend with this blue gene in Chihuahuas?

The first question for anyone the is new to this form of Chihuahua is simple: just just how blue is the coat?

Blue dog are established by a diluted black gene. Over there is a recessive element that results the coat and also creates a blue tint to what is really a grey or silver.

This have the right to pose difficulties when picking the end a true blue pup, together you will see below.

There space also few pups that have an totally blue coat. Instead, many will uncover either a blue and also white chihuahua puppy or a blue and also tan chihuahua for sale. These multicolored dogs are very attractive and highly search after.

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What various other physical features can we mean with this dog?

It is additionally important to remember the a true blue gene is not simply seen in the cloak color. Over there will additionally be pigmentation come the skin which show act as a finish giveaway.

The ideal indicators below are the chihuahua blue nose and blue pads.

Also remember the this can happen with one of two people an apologize head or blue deer head chihuahua, and on different coat lengths. There is also the potential because that a chihuahua through blue eyes, yet this is never ever a guarantee.

Are there any type of blue chihuahua health difficulties that brand-new owners require to concern about?

There are some dog lover that space wary of the blue gene. Some breeders will also go out of their way to ensure that it is no passed into their pups. They check out it together recessive defect through potential problems.

One such worry is the of blue dog alopecia. There room often instances where this blue gene weakens the coat of dogs. Some may struggle to thrive a coat of good condition, while others might suffer hair loss. This is a problem with any dog, as they all rely on that coat because that warmth and comfort.

However, this is particularly problematic v this tiny breed, that struggles to keep its temperature in ~ the finest of time. Otherwise, the health issues remain the very same with this blue chihuahua puppies.

Owners should make sure that they undergo the same checks and grooming as any other Chihuahua.

Behavioral concerns with blue chihuahuas and issues through training

The blue gene should have no impact on the actions of this dogs.

You will uncover the same temperament and also behavioral difficulties as you would certainly with various other colors.

You are bound come come throughout plenty that blogs and stories around these sweet small dogs, i m sorry may offer the not correct impression around a perfect temperament. Instead, lock still have the very same potential for little dog syndrome and possessive behavior.

In fact, this might be worse if owner buy this blues as a precious tiny designer dog, quite than a family pet. Therefore, owner of these blue dogs might still discover that they require the assist of someone favor Doggy Dan the virtual dog Trainer.

This online overview is a an excellent for every kinds of training issues and also behavior problems. A socially aer blue Chihuahua pup may struggle v obedience school, yet here they have the right to work at residence at their own pace.

Where can dog lovers uncover a blue chihuahua because that sale?

Whether you desire a blue apologize head chihuahua or blue lengthy haired chihuahua, you require to find a respectable breeder.

This method one that puts the health of your animals very first and doesn’t not deliberately breed 2 blue dog together.

First of all, this could lead to health issues. Secondly, the best breeders should recognize that this doesn’t guarantee blue pups. Over there is no sure fire method to get a blue litter. Dogs must carry the recessive gene, however there might be a pair of blues amongst tans and also other colors.

It is additionally important to take the time to satisfy with breeders and get to watch the pups prior to committing come a purchase. This method that friend can inspect the pup for the blue nose and pigmentation – just in case breeders space trying to offer a silver- dog in ~ a higher price.

What can brand-new owners expect with the blue chihuahua cost?

On the subject of cost, we have to be all set for a higher price tags on this pets.

This is a basic case that supply and also demand. This blue coat is part of a desire for a rarely look and also a “designer dog”.

Therefore, you deserve to expect breeders to charge a little an ext here with this blue/grey chihuahua because dog lovers will certainly pay the price for the exact shade they room after.

Beware that those that shot and ask also much and over-promise on your litters – such together those that case to have actually the even more elusive blue teacup chihuahua. In ~ the very same time, watch out for those that overbreed your dogs for the chance at blue pups and sell lock on the cheap.

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Is the blue chihuahua worth it?

There is no doubt that plenty of chihuahua lovers will certainly adore the blue chihuahua since of that look and also its familiarity.

There is small about this dog the is different to its cousins of various other colors, various other than this coat type.

This leader to an important question over whether the is really worth paying so much more for this recessive gene as soon as there space potential health threats and little else of included benefit.

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If friend must have actually a blue pup, be careful where friend shop. If not, emphasis on detect a healthy one.