You’ve got to hand it to the team behind Grey Goose: they refuse to cut corners or deteriorate on luxury. This premium vodka, hailing native La Vallee de l’Oise in France yet created for an American audience, oozes indulgence native the minute its French winter wheat is cut to the point when it overcome from the glass to your lips.

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The entire production procedure is every done in France for authenticity — and also that contains everything from the water it is filtered with limestone from the Champagne an ar to the glassware used to home each party of Grey Goose.

The spirit is distilled only as soon as using obelisk stills. It’s well-known as ultra-high-end for a reason. 

And return the whole point of vodka is to minimize it under to a flavourless, textureless spirit, Grey Goose tho keeps its character. Its popularity stems indigenous its unmatched smoothness and exceptional taste, i m sorry blends perfectly v cocktails or allows you to look uber-cool as soon as sipping neat.

Grey Goose is for this reason smooth, in fact, that it made world suspicious and also led castle to inquiry whether the brand included glycerol during the production process. Unsurprisingly, the tests come negative, which us imagine resulted in an ext than a couple of cool, patience and accumulated faces in the direction of anyone who ever doubted the brand.

The standard Grey Goose vodka is do with just the ideal French ingredients – soft winter wheat from the Picardy region and pure spring water native Gensac in the Cognac region.

Grey Goose vodka party sizes and prices

BottleSizePrice (USD)
Grey Goose La Vanille750ml$29.99
Grey Goose Cherry Noir750ml$30.00
Grey Goose La Poire750ml$30.23
Grey Goose Le Citron750ml$30.81
Grey Goose L’Orange750ml$30.81
Grey Goose Le Melon750ml$30.00
Grey Goose750ml$32.99
Grey Goose Ducasse750ml$99.99

Where come buy Grey Goose vodka online?

Quality end quantity

Grey Goose is do from single-origin soft winter wheat from the Picardie region, Le Grenier à Blé (the breadbasket of France) and also pure spring water native Gensac-La-Pallue. The entire procedure from chop to cork is 100% traceable.

Cellar understand Francois Thibault runs the present in France. The earned his stripes make Cognac in the country prior to ensuring that all operations for Grey Goose were performed as authentically French together possible.

Another perk the the task comes in ~ the finish of the production process: tasting the vodka. Each batch is taste experiment by Cellar understand Francois Thibault before it ever before leaves the facility.

Working backwards to reach the top

This is a vodka that was in reality produced in reverse: the brand name and identity were developed long prior to the an initial batch had even been distilled. American businessman, Sidney Frank, was the male behind the brand who chose to start a new bottle that vodka because that a premium audience. It could have introduced in 1997, but Grey Goose tho refuses to it is in overtaken once it concerns top-of-the-range vodka.

With a premium taste and aroma come an same premium production process. Grey Goose is made using wheat for a softer, smoother vodka contrasted to various other fermented grains. All of its flavoured vodkas use genuine fruit fairly than fabricated flavours and even the fruits are picked in France. The exceptions, that course, room Grey Goose’s L’Orange vodka, i beg your pardon takes oranges indigenous Florida and also Grey Goose’s La Vanille, which uses Madagascan vanilla beans. However we’ll allow them turn off on those two minor exceptions.

The just other exemption to the Frenchness of Grey Goose is the brand’s name. “Grey Goose” originates from the surname of a German white wine, yet Frank uncovered that his client resonated through the name and so stuck to it.

The Grey Goose distillery in France.

How to drink Grey Goose

Vodka could not it is in the first spirit you think of when it pertains to sipping soul neat however it would certainly be a shame to include too numerous accompaniments when drinking Grey Goose. Vodka aficionados will certainly tell girlfriend this is the only way to drink vodka anyway, so friend might also do it appropriately with a premium brand for best results.

Vodka is ideal served chilled, so put the party in the freezer for a couple of hours prior to serving. Small tumblers are customary because that clear vodkas, so make certain your glass is equally together chilled before pouring in a tiny measure. Alternatively, you deserve to use a shot glass but we still introduce sipping rather than throwing that back.

Swirl the Grey Goose in her glass and bring the glass up to your nose. Breathe in the aromas (pay fist for notes of citrus, florals and almonds in Grey Goose) before taking a little sip and also letting the vodka rest on her tongue. You should be able to taste delicate hints of pepper and an ext florals, yet the as whole effect have to be smooth and fairly neutral.

The final thing come pay attention to is the aftertaste. A premium high quality vodka favor Grey Goose i will not ~ burn your throat — it have to feel smooth and warming quite than anything also aggressive.

The ideal cocktails to make through Grey Goose


60ml Grey Goose Original30ml straightforward syrup (or 1 tbsp granulated white sugar)One Lime reduced into quarters for garnishCracked ice

A vodka-based variation of Brazil’s well known Caipirinha, a Caipiroska is a simple, clean and relatively neutral failsafe cocktail. Do it by pour it until it is full an Old Fashioned glass v cracked ice before muddling the basic syrup (or sugar) and lime soldier in a mix glass. Then, pour the ice right into the mix glass, include vodka, shake and also pour the mixture into the Old Fashioned glass. Garnish v lime and also serve.

Moscow Mule

45ml Grey Goose initial Vodka15ml Lime juiceIce cubes150ml ginger beer1 Lime wedge because that garnishing

A standard Moscow Mule is offered in a copper mug but, if you don’t have actually one to hand, a an easy highball glass will certainly do. Do one by pouring the vodka and also the lime juice into a glass before adding ginger beer and also the ice cubes. Stir tenderness to combine and also then garnish v a lime wedge.


45ml Grey Goose original Vodka120ml Orange juiceIce cubesOrange part to garnish

The clean and neutral flavours the Grey Goose are the perfect accompaniment to freshly squeezed orange juice in a driver cocktail. Effortless to make and also endlessly refreshing, mix up a batch by combine orange juice v Grey Goose and also ice cubes, before gently stirring. Garnish v a slice of orange for a sweet and also juicy cocktail.

Frequently inquiry questions around Grey Goose

Why is Grey Goose therefore expensive?

Grey Goose’s price allude comes native the premium ingredients and thorough distillation process that goes right into every bottle. It’s made totally in France from harvest to bottling and uses single-origin Picardie winter wheat and also natural spring water native Gensac-la-Pallue. The world’s supply of Grey Goose additionally only comes through the mill and also distillery in La Vallee de l’Oise native a little team operation. It’s a clean enough vodka to gain neat.

How much is Grey Goose vodka?

A 750ml bottle of Grey Goose initial vodka starts at around $32.99. Grey Goose’s flavoured vodkas (Le Citron, Cherry Noir, La Vanille, L’Orange) are slightly cheaper at about $30 every bottle. Grey Goose’s many premium offering, Grey Goose Ducasse, is roughly $99.99 a bottle.

Is Grey Goose Vodka high-end?

Yes, Grey Goose is a premium vodka that uses soft winter wheat native France and distills that spirits with a distinct distillation process. Grey Goose makes among the smoothest and also crispest vodkas in the industry with a vulnerable nose and sweet and round palate.

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Is Grey Goose good?

Grey Goose is a good vodka, many thanks to both the ingredients offered in that is production and also its distillation process. Grey Goose combine French winter wheat through water that’s filtered with limestone from the Champagne region. Grey Goose’s initial vodka is a best seller throughout the world with an exquisite clear, fresh and elegantly fragrant taste.