The medical people exists at a strange intersection between abstract science and practical care.

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Our brains (in the states, in ~ least) are trained in one device of measurement for our whole lives, and then in a clinical setup we room asked to usage another. We have the right to intuit what an oz is, a cup, a pint- but we might not have actually an internal reference allude that helps us translate one unit to another.

This have the right to be confusing! but it doesn’t have to be.

It transforms out many of this conversions are pretty simple – easy enough to memorize if you’ve acquired a test coming up, or just want come quit feather it increase every time you require to recognize how many ounces room in a liter.

Look no additional for convenient unit switch formulas.

Here you’ll get all her volumetric concerns answered: 1 ounce, how countless cc? 1 oz in L? 1 oz is how many ml? 1.5 fl equals how countless ml? etc.. We’ve compiled a perform of common nursing equations for conversions, do to make it simple to translate imperial measurements come metric, and earlier again.

How numerous CCs in an Oz? A List

1 fluid 0z equals how many ml? 1 ounce of water equals how countless ml?

1 0unce = 29.5735 milliliter

1 cc equals how numerous ml?

1 cubic centimeter = 1 milliliter

1 ml equals how plenty of cc?

1 milliliter = 1 cubic centimeter

ML come CC conversion: both cubic centimeters and also milliliters measure volume, and also each of them have actually the same volume, as such 1 mL is equal to 1 cc.

1 cc = 1 mL

2 cc = 2 mL

3 cc = 3 mL

4 cc = 4 mL


2 cc amounts to how countless ml?

2 cubic centimeters = 2 milliliters

1 liter is how plenty of fl oz?

1 liter = 33.814 ounces

2 liters same how plenty of fluid ounces?

2 liters = 70.3902 ounces

1 liter is equal to how numerous ounces?

1 liter = 35.274 ounces

Note: this switch is only true if the material being measure in liters is new water. Other fluids which measure 1 liter may be more heavier or lighter than 35.274 ounces, depending upon their density, and other factors.

1 cc amounts to how countless grams?

1 cubic centimeter = 1 gram

Note: this conversion is just true if the material being measure up in CC is fresh water. Various other fluids which measure 1 cc may be heavier or lighter than a gram, depending on their density, and also other factors.

1 cup amounts to how numerous cc?

1 cup = 240 cubic centimeters

What is the equivalent 1 liquid ounce come ounce?

1 fluid ounce = 1 ounce

Note: this switch is just true if the material being measure up in liquid ounces is fresh water. Other fluids which measure up 1 liquid ounce might be more heavier or lighter 보다 an ounce, relying on their density, and other factors.

1 ounce of water equals how plenty of cups?

1 oz = 0.123223 cups

1 fluid Oz amounts to how many cc?

1 ounce = 29.5735 cc

1 ounce is equal to how countless liters?

1 ounce = 0.0295735 liter

1 cc amounts to how many fluid Oz?

1 cubic centimeter = 0.033814 ounces

1 fluid Oz amounts to how countless cups?

1 ounce = 0.123223 cups

1 cup equals how numerous fluid Oz?

1 cup = 8.11537 ounces

1.5 cc amounts to how countless mL?

1.5 cubic centimeters = 1.5 milliliters

What is the equivalent 1.5 ounces come milliliters (ml)?

1.5 ounces = 44.3603 milliliters

1.5 fluid Oz equals how countless cc?

1.5 ounces = 44.3603 cubic centimeters

1.5 together is same to how countless cups?

1.5 liters = 6.25 cups

What is the tantamount 1.5 liters come oz (ounces)?

1.5 liters = 50.721 ounces

1.5 liters amounts to how countless mL?

1.5 liters = 1500 milliliters

Conversion Formulas

How to transform ounces to cubic centimeters ( 1 oz cc converter):

Multiply: 1 Oz x 29.574 (1 ounce liquid conversion)Convert 1.5 oz to cc: 1.5 oz x 29.574

Convert 1.5 oz come ml: 1.5 oz x 29.574

How to convert cc come ml:

Multiply: 1cc x 1 (1 ml to cc switch is the same)This works too when converting 1.5 cc to ml.

How to convert ounces to liters:

Divide: 1 Oz / 33.814 (1 ounce liquid conversion)

How to convert ounces to cups:

Divide: 1 Oz / 8.115 (1 ounce liquid conversion)

How to convert milliliters come ounces:

Divide: 1mL / 29.574

How to transform milliliters come liters:

Divide: 1mL / 1000

How to convert milliliters to cups:

Divide: 1mL / 240

How to convert liters to ounces:

Multiply: 1 l x 33.814 (converts 1 oz to liters)

Convert 1.5 l to ounces: multiply 1.5 liters x 33.814 to express 1.5 liters in liquid ounces.

How to transform liters to milliliters:

Multiply: 1 l x 1000

How to transform liters to cups:

Multiply: 1 l x 4.16667Convert 1.5 together to cups:

How to transform cups come ounces:

Multiply: 1 cup x 8.11537

How to transform cups come milliliters:

Multiply: 1 cup x 240How to convert 1 cup to cc:

Multiply: 1 cup x 240

How to transform cups come liters:

Divide: 1 cup / 4.167

Converting units from imperial to metric deserve to feel like finding out a new language, but it doesn’t have actually to. Armed with our simple conversion formulas and also equations, you will do it be prepared to take it on everything volume the job throws at you.

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