Bulk and Bagged coal on Demand

As Western new York’s largest supplier the anthracite, we strive to market you just the finest products ~ above the market. Stocking five sizes of bulk and also bagged anthracite (Rice, Buck, Pea, Nut, Stove); we provide continuous and reliable inventory and also can it is provided you through what girlfriend need, once you require it! Coal deserve to be picked up throughout our regular loading hrs or we’d be happy to arrange distribution within our organization area.

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– mass coal is marketed by the pound and also weighed on ours certified scales

– Bagged coal is offered in 40lb bags through the full pallet (1 ton) or by individual bags

– We also stock Smithing charcoal in bags for blacksmithing and also forges

– Upon customer request, all mass coal deserve to be oil treated at time of distribution to minimize any type of dust that can accumulate from dry while being stored.

– we stock Premium high carbon, short ash anthracite indigenous Lehigh Anthracite & Blaschak coal Corp.

– We market summer to fill savings to stock up from April-September, contact us come take benefit of this!

Coal delivery When and Where You want It!

Utilizing our fleet of delivery trucks and also trailers, we deserve to effortlessly carry out reliable business to your home, farm yard or business.

We run a top notch, clean fleet the equipment. Our van are capable of hauling 5 ton maximum every delivery, minimum is based on your location. We’ve purchased smaller sized trucks, to allow us to cross her lawn without worry of excessive damage to the turf, and we space able to accessibility extremely tight locations with ease.

From simple dump-and-go deliveries, chuting through a basement window, or augering right into a heaviness wagon or shed- we have actually the devices needed to obtain the task done efficiently.

Bagged deliveries room loaded loosened into the truck and also dumped on your driveway or tarp in ar of her choice, if you don’t have actually a tractor/forklift capable of lifting complete skids available. Hand-stacking is accessible and billed hourly in enhancement to the distribution charge.

We execute our ideal to maintain fair, and also affordable distribution rates.

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dues are based on distance indigenous our place in Canadice, NY come you. The fee is a level rate, and covers the whole load nevertheless of volume ordered, as much as the maximum of 5ton per load. Please speak to or email united state for a shipment quote.