The fact that every Subway restaurants space franchise owned poses a great difficulty to anybody searching for a job there. Different owners have various sets that rules and it affects all the employees either positively or negatively, relying on how castle treat their employees.

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In this write-up I’ll present you:The minimum hourly fairy at SubwayFull-time hours and part-time hours you’ll workJobs you deserve to consider using forWhat each task pays in hourly wages and yearly salaryHow old you have to be to occupational at SubwayWhether Subway offers you a medicine test before hiring youDress codeWhether Subway hires felonsWhen you gain paidPolicy on giving raises

Starting Pay at Subway

The beginning pay because that an entry-level worker at Subway different considerably since each save is franchise owned and also they set their very own pay scales. While part workers begin out at about $8.50 one hour, others start out in ~ $9.50 come $10 per hour. In urban such as brand-new York and also San Francisco, you deserve to expect to make somewhere about $12 come $15 one hour come start.The beginning wage typically depends top top the market value and also is collection in location by property so lock can try to retain their workers and avoid revolve over.

Full-time hours at Subway

A permanent worker at Subway commonly gets an opportunity to placed in 35 come 40 hours a week. This will vary from save to save due to every one of the Subways gift franchise owned.General managers offering reviews on and also have remarked how important it is to be a trusted employee therefore you have the right to earn your means to more work hours.So, if you get hired full-time, nothing think you automatically are entitled to 40 hrs every week. Try your ideal to do an impression on administration so lock can think about you as among their dependable employees.As one example, permanent shifts space as follows:7 am to 3 PM8 to be to 3 PM8 am to 4 PM9 am to 5 PM3 pm to 11 PM4 afternoon to 12 Midnight6 afternoon to 2 AM

Part-time Pay in ~ Subway

The part-time pay because that an entry-level worker in ~ Subway is around the same amount a permanent employee would certainly receive.On average, it will be between $8.50 an hour to $10 an hour. You’ll have actually the same responsibilities as a full-time worker and also you’ll have to be an ext flexible when it comes to transition scheduling.

Part-time hrs at Subway

An employee that works an mean of less than 40 hrs a week will certainly be taken into consideration a part time worker.The hrs for part-time employees usually have actually the exact same or general starting times together a full time worker, yet last only 5 to 6 hours a day. Additionally, a part-time worker might only be scheduled for occupational on Saturdays and Sundays, depending upon the operational requirement from management and ownership. You will additionally have come be all set to fill in because that other permanent employees if they contact out ailing or miss out on work for any type of other reason.

Jobs in ~ Subway

Subway restaurants have actually 4 straightforward positions. Girlfriend can apply for a sandwich artist position which is composed of more than just preparing a sandwich. You’ll likewise ring increase the purchases and also keep the keep well-maintained and clean.You’ll additionally have the opportunity to advance to a shift leader job. In this position, you will oversee other employees together they provide excellent customer service and perform their job in accordance with the store’s procedures. Subways additionally need assistant managers and also general supervisors to round the end their roster of employees in order to do operations operation smoothly. Occasionally the general manager will be the owner or one of the owners that are part of the franchise.

Subway Sandwich Artist Pay

Sandwich artist in ~ Subway provides an typical of $9.90 an hour. If girlfriend work full-time at this place using that figure, you have the right to make approximately $20,592 per year.On the high end, human being with countless years the experience have the right to make as much as around $15.50 an hour, or $32,240 a year in salary. However, the is an extremely rare and the only ones do this type of money because that this position are the persons who have consistently proven us for many years and are one integral component of that particular Subway store. In other words, if you room a Subway franchise owner and your best employee has been working for friend for much more than 13 come 15 years and you have given him or her a $.35 progressive every year, it would amount to approximately $15.50 an hour.

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Subway transition Leader Salary

A change leader renders a little more than a sandwich maker. This position provides you a opportunity to earn roughly $10.75 per hour during your very first year.In this position, management will count on you to carry out all the daily tasks an assistant manager or basic manager would certainly do. Therefore, this place comes with many responsibilities and is a significant steppingstone come a management position at Subway.If you’re making $10.75 an hour, that equates to $22,360 a year in salary. Back that might not sound like much, you will probably be working more overtime hrs than you could imagine. This will location your yearly salary at a much higher level.

Subway Assistant Manager Salary

The average assistant manager hourly rate at Subway is roughly $12.60 one hour. This bring you a yearly value of $26,208. In this job, you’ll be performing numerous general manager duties at any given time. 

Subway Manager Salary

This is typically the only exempt place at Subway, whereby an employee can get a benefits package and also get paid a salary instead of v an hourly wage.The average general manager at Subway makes roughly $38,500 a year. This is around 30% below the average salary because that this form of place in the united States.For plenty of Subway franchisees, the general manager place is taken by the really owner. The way, the human being or people owning the franchise don’t have to pay anyone a yearly salary and also can bag the money to aid make their keep a success.This means there are numerous Subways that have actually an owner that doubles as the general manager!