Body measurements


156.2 cm (5 ft 1.5 in)


54 kg (119 lb)

Bra size


Chest size

96 cm (37 in)

Waist size

62 cm (24 in)

Hips size

92 cm (36 in)

Shoe size

6.5 US

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Date of birth

September 02, 1966



Zodiac sign






Sexual Orientation




Eyes color


Hair color



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Who is Salma Hayek?


Salma Hayek is a Mexican and American director, actress and also former model. 

Early Accomplishments

Salma"s acting career was released through the Spanish television collection with her an initial role in Un Nuevo Amanecer in ~ the age of 22.

Best known For

She has derived the many recognition v her duty as both an actress and also a producer in the 2002 movie Frida, i beg your pardon earned she a golden Camera Award and also an Imagen Award. 

Sexual Orientation

Salma is straight. Prior to her existing relationship, Salma had actually a call for obtaining romantically associated to actors. Some of her past boyfriends include Edward Atterton, Edward Norton and Josh Lucas.


Salma came to be a member that the Pinault household in 2009 v her marital relationship to François-Henri Pinault. The pair has a daughter named Valentina together. 

Her brothers is designer Sami Hayek Jr.

Religious Belief

Growing up, Salma was raised in a Christian residence under the Catholic denomination. However, together she prospered old enough to do her very own decisions, she do not agree with several of the action of the Catholic Church and decided to leave. Despite she lost belief in the spiritual association, she didn"t lose her confidence in God. Salma proclaimed that she still believed both in God and also Jesus Christ. 

Worth come Know

Salma is dyslexic. 

Salma totally went right into movie production in 1999 v the beginning of her firm Ventanarosa. V her company, she created the award-winning comedy series, Ugly Betty. 

She is a yoga practitioner. 

While in college, Salma to be a victim that kidnap and held for ransom for close come 10 hours.