Why rent a tenor sax vs purchase a tenor sax.

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You make monthly rental payment that apply toward your purchase.There is no long term commitment. You might return your instrument at any time.When your kid is prepared you may apply your rental payments to an progressed level instrument.Not all tools are the same. Willis Music only offers instruments that are approved by your child’s band Director.You might exchange your child’s student instrument at any time transferring all rental payment you have made.Our “worry free” maintenance and also repair plan. With Willis Music your son is never ever without an tool for tape or orchestra class. Through our optional instrument Replacement plan (IRP) her child’s rental instrument is covered 100% in instance of loss or theft.Our Music education Representatives visit her child’s school offering support and also materials to your child’s band or Orchestra Director.We have actually convenient areas in northern Kentucky, Cincinnati, and Lexington.Willis offers private great at all our locations.We room the number one repair facility in the tri-state. All of our technicians space certified by NAPBIRT (National combination of professional Band Instrument repair Technicians).

A tenor sax rental is great choice.

Rental Programs offer low early stage investment in addition to peace that mind when it pertains to the protection and maintenance of your child’s instrument.Most programs room flexible and enable your boy to find what tool he or she really wants to play.A great rental routine will enable you the services of renting without sacrificing a great purchase price.Most rental programs administer local band directors with assistance and devoted materials to maximize your child’s success.

Why rent from Willis Music? Renting a Tenor Sax

Our lifelong commitment is come music and music education. We space a 3rd generation locally owned and also family operated business. Through over 100 years of endure we room your trusted source in help your boy play now and also succeed.

Tenor Sax Rental

$45 per month

Plus $4 M&R*

New condition easily accessible at a slightly greater rate.

*Maintenance & Repair arrangement covers routine maintenance and accidental damage.

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Optional tool Replacement setup (IRP) gives replacement of the tool in case of loss or theft. Defend your invest for second $4.00 a month.