Since the CIAC’s cancellation that 11-on-11 football this fall and with a glimmer of hope because that a possibility to beat in the spring, high school football players around the state room scrambling to figure out what they room going to carry out next.

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There seems to be an impetus throughout the state about starting up independent club teams outside the CIAC’s jurisdiction. But those could challenge many challenges getting turn off the ground.

One challenge that has been stated is equipment.

Club or exclusive teams space not meant to have accessibility to tools that has been purchased by the college systems.

“The huge issue is how children get accessibility to equipment,” Staples’ athletic director Marty Lisevick said to earlier this week. “Town attorneys balked at having schools leasing helmets and pads early to feasible liability.”

Danbury strong director Chip Salvestrini went a step further. “That’s not to speak they can’t go out and also purchase your own,” that said. “But as soon as you have 40 different youngsters from every dynamics, some can afford it, part can’t, part will finish up v junk and some won’t.

“That’s not a great thing because that anybody.”

So made decision to see just how much the would cost to totally equip a football player from head-to-toe.

We spoke with John Marion, that is the territory Manager for BSN Sports tools for Connecticut, Rhode Island, Maine, Vermont and also Massachusetts.

BSN sell football devices to countless athletic department in Connecticut.

Marion laid the end the price variety for each item of devices a football player would require if they wanted to gain on the field.

We’ll be using BSN’s wholesale prices that Marion common as an example of cost in the likely situation a player doesn’t own any kind of equipment:



BSN sell Schutt Helmets


The Harding High school football team received brand-new helmets because that the upcoming season, in Bridgeport, Conn. Aug. 3, 2017.

BSN price range: $95 to $130 for one helmet

Price because that a team the 50 players: $4,750 come $6,500


Shoulder Pads

BSN sells Douglas and Razor Shoulder Pads


Shelton’s Tyler Pjatak lowers a shoulder versus an NFA defender as soon as the Gaels turned back the Falcons. Football activity between Shelton High and Norwich complimentary Academy at Finn Stadium, Shelton, CT, Friday, September 27, 2019.

BSN: $125 to $185 for one collection of shoulder pads

Team that 50: $6,250 to $9,250


Padded Girdles

The tools room for Vidor High School’s soccer team is managed by David Shaw, who has actually organized every little thing from to-be-laundered jerseys to pads, helmets and also uniforms in orderly compartments. After ~ years working to progressive funds, Vidor High School’s football equipment and uniforms are lastly up come date. This year’s helmets have actually been revamped, and also the team has purchased numerous concussion helmets, which deserve to monitor the number and severity of hits the players might endure during game play. Photo taken Wednesday, august 2, 2017 Kim Brent/The Enterprise

BSN: $25 to $40 because that one girdle

Team the 50: $1,250 to $2,000


Knee Pads

Knee, thigh and also other football pads in warehouse (File Photo, Hearst)

BSN: $2.50 to $4 for a set of two

Team that 50: $125 to $200



BSN has actually contracts through Nike and also Under Armour


Football cleats in warehouse (File Photo, Hearst)

BSN: $45 to $90

Team the 50: $2,250 come $4,500



BSN generally sells them to teams in bulk of 50 or 100


Associated Press

BSN Custom: $20 come $25

BSN Generic: $1.50 come $2

Team the 50 Custom: $1,000 to $1,250

Team that 50 Generic: $75 to $100



BSN sells castle in units, definition the jersey and also the pants. BSN has actually contracts through Nike and Under Armour and other smaller companies


Football Jerseys (File photograph Hearst)

BSN Nike or Under Armour Two-Color Unit: $85 come $120

BSN other Two-Color Unit: $55-$85

Team the 50 Nike or Under Armour: $4,250 to $6,000

Team that 50 Other: $2,750 to $4,250


Practice Jerseys/Pants

BSN jersey through one color, logo and also number on the back: $10 to $30


The Darien attack line deals with off against the defense in a practice on Thursday, Sept. 27, 2018.

Team of 50: $500 to $1,500

BSN trousers one color: $20 come $30

Team the 50: $1,000 come $1,500


Speciality Items

Action from Rockville football practice on Thursday, Sept. 26, 2019. (Pete Paguaga, Hearst Connecticut Media)

BSN rib cage protectors: $30 to $45

BSN ago plate: $15 come $25

BSN decals because that helmets: $1.25 come $9.75

BSN Schutt splash guards: $15 come $25



Teams commonly order between eight and 10 balls every season.

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Footballs put on the ground throughout a strength and also conditioning practice (File photo Hearst Media)

BSN Spalding Alpha (recommended soccer of the CIAC, offered in postseason games): $78 come $80

BSN Wilson GST Series: $78 come $80



We take it the lowest total and also the highest total and also did not include any kind of specialty items or team footballs.


Lewis Mills’ Nick Romano celebrate after resulting in a fumble in the football game between Berlin and also Lewis Mills in ~ Lewis Mills high in Burlington top top Oct. 19, 2019. (Pete Paguaga, Hearst Connecticut Media)

One soccer player: $379 come $654

Team of 50: $18,950 to $32,700

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