Screen Size65 Inches
Supported web ServicesSkype
Connectivity TechnologyWifi Built-in
Display TechnologyLED
Model NameM Series
Refresh Rate120 Hz
Item Weight104.94 Pounds

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About this itemFour battery-free, lightweight 3D glasses includedSmart far with complete keyboardTV without stand (Width x elevation x Depth): 60.85"" x 40.88"" x 16.1"", TV v stand (Width x elevation x Depth): 60.85"" x 38.46"" x 2.25""SRS Studio Sound HD because that crisp, clear audio1 million to 1 Dynamic contrast Ratio for deeper blacks›See much more product details

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This TV has a couple of significant negatives working versus it. Together others have actually said, the display screen is mirror-finished, and also reflects every light. If you have actually a window or a light that is in the have fun area, you are not going to irradiate this TV.Though at first it was in great shape, that is now (+1 year) mirroring some serious signs of flashlighting and light leaks. If you put the screen on one all black color image, girlfriend will check out some light leaks. These show up as blue-ish locations of the screen when it have to be showing uniform blackness. They space numerous and they are getting more prominent. Ns am also see part "flashing" in dark areas of the screen. For example, if component of the background is black it will get a little brighter, then flash earlier to black, then a small brighter, climate flash to earlier in 1-2 2nd loops when the photo isn"t moving. Ns am not certain if the TV is unable to calibrate the irradiate leverl, or if over there is miscellaneous wrong through my set.These space things the most human being aren"t going to notice, yet I have pretty good eyes, and also once you check out it, girlfriend can"t UNSEE it, and also you will notification it forever.The firmware because that the TV is also terrible. The switching in between inputs is SOOOO slow, it typically takes 1-2 seconds for each input it passes. It cannot go from TV antennae come HDMI 3, it needs to go to CPU/CRT, climate to HDMI 1, then to HDMI 2, and then HDMI 3, with each avoid taking end a second. That feels favor an eternity, and also is completely unnecessary on contemporary sets. The smart apps are the exact same way, come the point where I gave up on them entirely and went through a HTPC.