Rottweilers are terrific dogs. In enhancement to being adorable and incredibly loving, they likewise make exorbitant guard dogs. Girlfriend won’t uncover a cuter means to keep your household safe, we have the right to guarantee that.

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However, among the points that makes them such formidable animals is also something that provides them expensive to own: your size. This are big dogs, and as such, they love to eat.

It is possible to feed your Rottie too much, and obesity is a huge problem through a breed. That can leave you v a significant dilemma on her hands: perform you cut back on their kibble to save their weight low, or do you feeding them enough to do absolutely certain that they nothing walk far from the key hungry?

Knowing how much come feed your Rottweiler isn’t an art — yes actual science to it. In the guide below, we walk girlfriend through specifically how lot to feed your dog and when to perform it.


How lot to feed a Rottweiler Puppy — Feeding Chart

Age that PuppyQuantity that Food every DayNumber of Meals per Day
2 months2-3 cups3
3 months2-3 cups3
4 months3-5 cups2
5-6 months3-5 cups2
7-8 months4-6 cups2
9-10 months4-6 cups2
10-12 months4-6 cups2


What to feed My Rottweiler Puppy

Image Credit: cynoclub, ShutterstockYour Rottweiler puppy do not do it be completely weaned till they’re 8 main old. At the point, you can switch them to the food of her choice. The course, that’s simpler said 보다 done, together there are various schools the thought as to which food is best.

Some professionals recommend feeding a life diet, rather recommend kibble, and also still rather recommend a mix that kibble and wet food. There room pros and also cons to each, and also quite frankly, you can spend all day to compare the miscellaneous diets.

Rather than recommend one diet over another, we prefer to look in ~ the puppy’s nutritional needs. As lengthy as those are being met, how they’re being met isn’t together important.

You want to make sure your puppy is getting sufficient calcium, phosphorus, calcium, fat, fiber, and also protein. You have the right to do this with any diet, yet the easiest method to ensure that they’re getting the appropriate nutrition is by feeding lock a high-quality kibble (we like Instinct Raw boost Puppy Recipe).

If she going with a life diet or other else that you prepare yourself, check with your vet very first to make sure your setup will provide your dog all the nutrients they need. Otherwise, her dog could have a nutritional deficiency that will certainly hamper their ability to prosper up healthy and strong.

Avoiding Underfeeding & Overfeeding


Picking the right food is only fifty percent the fight — you likewise need to know exactly how much come feed your dog. The chart above will help, but because every dog is different, it have to be looked at as a overview rather 보다 as hard-and-fast rules.

It’s necessary to know whether her dog is eat too lot or also little. Their ribs will certainly be the best indicators the their all at once health.

You should have the ability to feel them, yet they should have padding on them. If they’re difficult out also much, then your dog needs to eat more. Vice versa, if you need to dig through fat to gain to them, climate they should cut earlier on their kibble.

The best method to save your dog’s weight under manage is to preserve strict monitor over exactly how much lock eat. Don’t allow them to free-feed; instead, carefully measure the end each enjoy the meal so you know specifically how lot they’re acquisition in.

If she careful around how much you feed her pup, you do not do it have problems with your weight. Still, it’s basic to calibrate their diet to attend to problems in either direction.


When to switch From Puppy to Adult Food

Typically, you should switch come an adult food once your dog reaches 18 to 24 months of age. However, big breeds choose Rottweilers regularly develop an ext slowly, for this reason you can want to wait a few more months after that.

A far better way to referee it may be to walk by your height and weight. When they reach about 90% of their adult height and weight, you deserve to make the switch.

Don’t perform it quickly, though. It takes time to present your dog to a brand-new food (assuming you don’t want to deal with puppy diarrhea, the is). Begin by adding a little of the new food come the old stuff, then gradually increase the amount of new food over a period of 2 mainly or so.

The adult food should be high in protein, with no cheap filler or animal by-products. We recommend Merrick real Texas Beef & Sweet Potato Recipe, however there are numerous other choices out there that will fit the bill.

Image Credit: Alexas_Fotos, Pixabay

Why i will not ~ My Rottweiler Puppy Eat?

There are few things as distressing to a new dog owner as as soon as their beloved pet is refusing to eat. This actions can be fairly normal, but it can additionally be the sign of something seriously wrong with your pup.

Unfortunately, it can be tough to call the difference in between the two. Part dogs refuse come eat because they don’t have actually much of one appetite or don’t like their food, if others protect against chowing down due to medical issues.

If you suspect that her dog no eating because of being finicky, you can shot switching your food or providing them a high-value treat. If the a clinical issue, it will most most likely be add by other symptoms, prefer lethargy, vomiting, or diarrhea.

Here are simply a couple of illnesses the could reason a ns of appetite:

ParvovirusDistemperIntestinal parasitesBloatIngested international body

If the issue lasts much longer than a work or two or if the accompanied by other symptoms, then you need to see your vet to dominance out serious clinical problems.

How much to feeding an Adult Rottweiler

Feeding one adult Rottweiler is a tiny more facility than feeding a puppy. The proper diet for her dog will rely on a selection of factors, consisting of their activity level, gender, and also age.

While it’s impossible to perform the feeding needs for every potential situation, we go over typical ones below.

Males vs. Females

Full-grown males space usually bigger than your female counterparts, periodically by as much as 30 pounds. Together a result, you might need to feed them a little more. However, it have to be nearly the same, and also if you have both male and female dogs, you won’t be faulted for keeping them top top the very same diet.

Males and females need to receive in between 4 and also 6 cup of kibble every day, served in two different meals. Males might need a bit much more than females.

Image Credit: Olexandr Andreiko, Shutterstock

Highly energetic vs. Sedentary Dogs

It need to come together no surprise that the an ext active her dog is, the more they’ll should eat. Also, sedentary dogs will certainly be an ext prone come obesity, for this reason you may want to watch just how much you feeding them (or rise their activity level).

As a general rule, sedentary dog only require 2/3 of the calories that active dogs require. They may only require 4 cup of food twice a day, quite than 6 cups for energetic dogs.

Spayed or Neutered

Getting her dog solved creates rather a couple of changes in your bodies, including transforming their metabolism. Many spayed or neutered dogs will need less nutrition 보다 their unaltered counterparts.

A dog that’s been spayed or neutered will most likely only need about 75% as much nutrition as an unaltered dog. They must still stay in the 4-6 cups per job range, offered twice a day. Examine with her vet come make certain they’re acquiring the appropriate amount of nutrition, though.

Pregnant Dogs

Expecting dog need much more nutrition than they typically do towards the finish of their pregnancy, yet you still must be careful around overfeeding, together that have the right to lead to weight problems after the puppies arrive. However, underfeeding have the right to be disastrous, as it can result in all sorts of wellness issues, including the lose of the litter.

Their requirements will also vary depending upon which gestational period they occur to it is in in at the time.

Pregnant dogs have actually the very same nutritional needs as continual dogs till the 3rd trimester, at which point, they’ll need 30-60% an ext food than they usually do. You might need to feeding them 8 cup of food per day in two meals (or also more, depending upon the size of the litter).

Image Credit: GingerMary, Shutterstock

Rottweiler Feeding overview for Seniors

Due to your size and weight issues, many Rottweilers begin suffering from joint worries later in life. That’s why it’s important to feeding them a kibble that has actually plenty the glucosamine because that joint health, while also being mindful not come let them pack on any kind of excess pounds.

Regularity frequently becomes an concern as well, therefore fiber contents is more important at this stage than any other. Look for a food that contends least 5% fiber, i beg your pardon should aid your dog stay constant while also helping them feel full between meals.

Many senior dogs suffer from dental concerns during their gold years, so finding a kibble that they have the right to actually chew is important. You’ll also want one it is high in calcium so your bones and also teeth have plenty the support.

Our favorite senior kibble for Rotties is Nulo Freestyle Trout & Sweet Potato an elderly Recipe. It has all the nutrient that an aging dog needs, while also helping save their waistline trim.

You should talk to your vet around how often to feeding your an elderly Rottweiler. Plenty of dogs space fine remaining on a twice-a-day formula, but some shed interest in multiple meals as they obtain older, like to simply eat once. Also, if your dog is becoming more sedentary, castle won’t have the same power needs that they supplied to, in which case, reducing the number of meals per day is more than likely a great idea.

Why Is mine Rottweiler constantly Hungry?

Many Rottweilers seem an ext like bottomless pits with legs 보다 dogs, so you may problem that your pet is always walking about starving. The reality of the matter is, numerous dogs will eat till they’re stuffed, so the truth that lock still accepting food doesn’t necessarily median they’re not getting enough to eat.

That’s particularly true for high-value treats favor dog biscuits or table scraps. It’s rare that a dog will ever before turn this down, even if they’ve simply eaten, for this reason you might feel favor your dog is scrounging because that sustenance when in fact, they’re just being gluttonous.

You have to base her feeding indict on what her vet or the food manufacturer recommends, not on her dog’s appetite. If you feed them till they refuse food, they’ll quickly become overweight, i beg your pardon is horrible for your health.

Free-feeding is usually a bad idea because that this reason. Instead of letting your dog eat to your heart’s content, offer them portion-controlled meals ~ above a tight schedule. If your dog’s a slow eater, you can pick up their food after ~ a particular time come teach lock the prominence of eating once food is offered.

Now, if your dog seems to be eating enough food however losing weight, that’s reason for concern. They might have an minister parasite or another significant health issue, for this reason you must take lock to her vet because that a checkup right away.

Image credit: cynoclub, Shutterstock

What foods items Are poor for Rottweilers?

The Rottweiler diet isn’t so committed that some foodstuffs are negative for them yet okay for various other dogs; normally speaking, the points that Rottweilers shouldn’t eat space things that all dog shouldn’t eat.

This consists of poisonous foods like grapes, raisins, alcohol, chocolate, marijuana, caffeine, and artificial sweeteners favor xylitol. These are all exceptionally dangerous and should be kept much out of reach of your dog.

There are various other ingredients that aren’t toxic, per se, however aren’t really good for your pet either. This contains things frequently found in numerous low-quality dog foods, choose wheat, corn, soy, animal by-products, and artificial colors or flavors.

Rottweilers deserve to be much more prone to having actually food allergies than various other breeds, but there’s no means to suspect in development what those allergies could be. Some common culprits encompass chicken, dairy, eggs, beef, or huge amounts of pet fats. If your dog is showing indications of cradle problems, work with your vet to determine the possible culprit in their diet.

Some foods items are generally taken into consideration hypoallergenic because that Rottweilers, meaning they’re both healthy and easy come digest. These foods encompass fish, venison, rice, barley, and sweet potatoes.


Rottweilers room wonderful dogs, but if girlfriend don’t feeding them properly, they can be delicate to a host of health worries throughout your lives. It’s necessary to feed them a healthy, well-balanced food — and it’s necessary to feed them that food in the ideal proportions.

A Rottweiler’s dietary demands might change as lock age. Typically speaking, they’ll require fewer calories the older castle get, yet they’ll still require plenty of crucial vitamins and also minerals in your diet.

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Feeding your Rottweiler effectively will help them live much longer while likewise ensuring that they get the best enjoyment out of yearly that they invest on this planet. Remember, she not simply feeding her dog — you’re taking care of your ideal friend.