F1 Pit Crew Salary: What space the different roles in one F1 pit crew, and also how much do the crew members earn per race in 2021?

Formula 1 pit crew members beat a critical role during a grand Prix weekend and can make or break your team’s performance and result. Come perfect the driver pit stops, the crew practices it lot of times during a gyeongju weekend, especially throughout the cost-free practice sessions.

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Red Bull is the undisputed king of insane pit stops and also holds the Guinness people Record because that the faster Formula One pit protect against in history. During the 2019 Brazilian grand Prix in São Paulo, the Red Bull pit crew executed the pit prevent of Max Verstappen in one astonishing 1.82 seconds. Red Bull pit crew absolutely got wings!

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F1 Pit Crew Members salary 2021

Pit Crew MemberPer RaceAnnual SalaryRace to win bonus
Crew Chief $10,000$1 Million$5,000
Refueling Person$5,000$350,000$2,500
Tyre Changers$5,000$350,000$2,500
Tyre Carriers$3,500$270,000$2,500
Jack Men$3,000$150,000$500
Wing Men$3,000$150,000$500
Starter Man$750$40,000$250
Fire Extinguisher Man$500$30,000$250

Source : Sportingfree

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What room the different roles that F1 pit crew members?

Pit Crew MemberRole
Crew Chief Crew Chief together the name suggests, is the boss of the pit crew. He is the one issuing orders and coordinating between the crew members.
Refueling Person The refueling human does the necessary job the refueling the car.
Tyre Changers This sub-team is composed of 4 members, every responsible for placing on one new tyre.
Tyre Carriers For every tyre, two tyre carriers help the tyre changers in replacing the old tyres with brand-new ones.
Jack Men 2 jack males use a bar to elevator the car and also bring that down appropriate after the pit avoid procedure is completed.
Wing Men Wing guys perform the job of adjusting the front soup angle.

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Stabilizer A pair of pit crew members space responsible because that stabilizing the vehicle from left, right, and center.
Fire Extinguisher Man Last, yet definitely no least, the fireman is on emergency standby come douse the fire in instance of a outbreak

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