It is nearly a no-brainer the racing cars room horribly expensive and only millionaires can afford them. Admittedly, beginning a sport choose IndyCar is substantially cheaper 보다 Formula One, yet it will still burn a feet in one’s pocket.

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For an IndyCar team with built-in infrastructure, the costs around $1 million to field a vain entry. In ~ least, that’s what longtime Indy team owner Chip Ganassi says. However, a team developed from scrape puts the price tag in ~ $2 million or more.

That’s a solid chunk that change, however it consists the car, the engine, the back-up car, and also a top-notch crew and driver, plus equipment, supplies, and more.

The purse because that the 2018 Indy 500 alone to be $13.2 million, i beg your pardon is distributed throughout the field of 33.

2017 winner Takuma Sato pulled under a cool $2.45 million, i m sorry is fairly a hefty sum. While 2nd and 3rd won’t come close to making a return on your investment, castle still pocket a significant amount.




“Step 1 needs to be finding who to run your program,” stated 500 pole-sitter Ed Carpenter. “Anyone have the right to go to buy equipment, but what you then carry out with the equipment is yes, really the difference between success and failure. So obtaining that human being you have the right to trust to it is in the architect the your regimen is the very first step.”

Dallara handles the chassis while Firestone takes care of the tire situation. On the engine front, the options are either Honda or Chevrolet. Finally, over there is the driver, so more money will be spent on those elements.

In 2018, Honda produced 19 engines because that the Indy 500, and also Chevrolet had actually 16 engines, with scope for one more. Entrants are granted 2 engines and the second one has actually pre-race purpose of use limits. In addition to that, teams must use the exact same engine because that qualifying and also the race.

A one-engine routine comes in at $125,000, and also a full month program expenses $225,000. Meanwhile, Firestone offers a best of 33 set of tires because that the month. Follow to the teams’ testimony, Firestone’s bill involves at the very least $91,000.


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Difference between F1 and also IndyCar

On the outside, one crucial difference is in the collection themselves, whereby Indy regularly uses oval circuits; Formula One races on consistent circuits, finish with turns and chicanes and also hairpins.

Getting right into the an ext technical aspect, Formula One runs with comparable power units, gearboxes, brakes, and also the exact same tires. However, the chassis, aerodynamics, and also numerous other internal parts are distinctive to each team.

IndyCar, top top the various other hand, operation the very same chassis and also with 2 engine manufacturers. While the actual cars space the same, the aero kits are unique depending upon the engine supplier.

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