Although it’s the base design of the 2020 Honda gold Wing tourism range, that conventional Gold Wing tourism is a totally equipped deluxe touring motorcycle.

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A potent flat-6 1833cc motor v Honda’s proprietary Unicam valve train and also four-valves per cylinder move the 2020 gold Wing tour along. Strength is on-tap everywhere, make high-speed overcome child’s play. The height ratio the the six-speed infection acts together an overdrive, offering the yellow Wing tourism a fuel usage estimation that 42 mpg. Over there are 4 ride modes, including an Eco option to squeeze even an ext distance the end of a gallon the ethyl. Cruise regulate is standard.


Don Williams
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Flagships experiment – Triumph and Ducati
byMotos and also Friends by can be fried Motorcycle

Hey everyone and welcome to our Motos and also Friends Podcast, brought to you by the editor at can be fried Motorcycling. I’m Arthur Coldwells.

This week we function two premium quality, flagship-level motorcycles. We’re coming right into launch season and that means we ride the latest and also greatest motorcycles because that the coming year.

Senior Editor Nic de Sena has actually just reverted from a main in southern Spain whereby he put two exceptional motorcycles to the test.

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The first was the 2022 Triumph speed Triple 1200 RR—that’s the one with the gorgeous café Racer styling—on both road and on track. 

Days later, Nic do his method to MotoGP’s Circuito de Jerez—Angel Nieto, whereby he spent a job riding Ducati’s jaw-dropping brand-new Panigale V4 S, with two riders who names you might recognize if you follow grand Prix racing.

Nic’s understanding into both these makers is fascinating to hear—I yes, really hope you reap this episode!