There’s naught quite favor the smell of new brewed coffee first thing in the morning. Even if it is you choose a little caffeine boost or choose a patience cup of tea, a mug is the an initial thing you’ll need.


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From espresso to oversized, coffee mugs come in all shapes and sizes and are suited to the form of beverage you drinking.

While drink coffee is the most noticeable use because that a coffee mug, there are many other ways to creatively usage your mug. A custom photo mug renders the perfect gift, or you deserve to fill an overlapping latte mug v soup or her favorite snacks. Come narrow under the perfect cup size, we outline coffee mug sizes in ours guide, therefore you’ll understand which is finest for the beverage of your choice.

Coffee Mug Size guide

To decide on a coffee mug size, first think about your drink the choice. Perform you like a shot of espresso or a heat foamy latte? space you a mommy on the walk or do you travel a lot? our guide below lists the most common coffee cups and also the best mug to gain in those sizes.

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Mug form Mug dimension (Ounces)
Espresso 2-3 oz
Cappuccino 5-6 oz
Classic 8-15 oz
Latte 11-15 oz
Oversized Mug20-25 oz
Oversized Latte 20-25 oz
Travel Tumbler15-20 oz
Travel Mug15-20 oz

Standard Coffee Mugs

A coffee mug all over from 8 to 10 ounces is a great size for your favorite drip coffee. If you consider yourself a more serious caffeine drinker, you might want come graduate to an 11 or 15-ounce cup. We malfunction standard coffee cup size below and also share the finest uses for each.


Espresso Cup

Espresso is the base for most specialty coffees – meaning that sophisticated vanilla oat milk latte starts through a basic shot the espresso. A shoot of espresso frequently comes served in a 2 come 3-ounce cup (also dubbed a demitasse) through a little handle. Espresso cups are narrow in ~ the base and wider at the rim, design to help concentrate the smell of the shot.

Best for: shoot of espresso

Cappuccino Mug

A cappuccino is commonly prepared with a single shot that espresso and an equal amount of steamed milk. Then, the topped v foam. Cappuccinos frequently come in a 5 to 6-ounce cup that has a narrow base and also a wider rim. Both charming and traditional, cappuccino mugs are usually paired through a corresponding saucer plate.

Best for: Cappuccinos, that course!

Classic Coffee Mug


Whether you occupational in one office or occupational from home, a classic coffee mug is the perfect companion. This mug holds about 8 come 11 ounces depending on the height of the cup. Regardless of her drink that choice, you deserve to dress up your workdesk with a personalized mug, workdesk calendar and pretty plant. If you have a lot on your plate, daydream around your upcoming trip to Venice or reminisce on your previous vacation through a fun photo mug.

Best for: her beverage of an option – filtered coffee, pour over or French press

Latte Mug


A latte is offered in a broader bowl-shaped cup and also holds roughly 11 come 15 ounces. If you choose to add coffee flavors, plant-based milk, or latte art, a latte mug provides you the extra room to do so. The broad cup shape provides it basic on girlfriend or a barista to pour the steamed milk into the espresso. Plus, what much better way to keep your pup close than labeling a mug v their name and also a couple of adorable dog illustrations.

Best for: Latte, tea or soup

Oversized Coffee Mugs

Oversized coffee mugs serve countless purposes other than coffee, believe it or not. Let’s check out some ways to get an innovative with her oversized drinkware.

Oversized standard Mug

Sometimes a regular cup of coffee just doesn’t cut it – a little extra room is crucial to make it through those beforehand mornings. An oversized classic coffee mug holds approximately 20 to 25 ounces.

Best for: Extra cup the coffee (and caffeine)

Oversized Latte


Whether you preparing for the big game or celebrating an anniversary, it’s time come pull the end the growler and beer steins. An overlapping latte mug is the perfect dish to organize those yummy snacks once your stomach is growling. Spice up the table decor through a couple of photo gallery latte mugs, a tray and also a tea towel to catch any spills.

Best for: Extra big latte, snacks, soup or dessert

Travel Coffee Mugs

The easiest means to get your coffee input on the go is through a take trip mug. The insulation of a travel mug not just keeps your drinks warm or cold, but avoids spills as soon as you’re driving or running around.

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Travel Tumbler

Travel mugs hold all over from 15 come 20 ounces that coffee and also fit perfectly in her cup holder. Show off some personality v a DIY mite mug and personalized take trip mug by including your favorite take trip quote or some adorable image of the family. A take trip tumbler also makes the perfect gift because that a coffee lover that just doesn’t have actually time come sip a beverage in ~ home.

Best for: Drink that choice, ~ above the go

Travel Mug

If you require a tiny extra security with your travel mug, consider one with a handle. Take trip mugs v a take care of come in larger sizes holding everywhere from 15 come 20 ounces the coffee. Encompass a collage of photos through your dog, household or friends to remember once you’re traveling.

Best for: Drink the choice, top top the go

Coffee not only keeps friend energized, but gives you the an inspiration to handle the day. It i will not ~ be feasible to enjoy your favorite beverage there is no the lover mug that keeps it warm. Uncover your perfect cup based upon your wanted use and also drink that choice, climate personalize the so that a mug you’ll desire to bring with you all day.