If you’ve ever before bought or thought around buying crab meat, I’m sure you’ve wondered exactly how much crab meat you were actually buying. The assumed crossed mine mind the various other day while looking snow crab clusters. Ns was curious if i was actually buying the most crab meat feasible for the hefty price tag.

So, i did some research to handle the question: which crab contains the many actual crab meat?

The Colossal Red King Crab has actually the highest possible meat-to-shell ratio, making the the meatiest crab species on the market. A pound of king crab legs has 60% to 75% of pure crab meat, i m sorry is double the lot of meat uncovered in Snow and also Dungeness Crabs.

I looked at clinical studies, customer reviews, and also my very own past experience to answer the question. What I found is quite straightforward. The Colossal Red King Crab includes the most meat, adhered to by the snow crab, Dungeness crab, and also Blue Crab in that order.

Type the CrabMeat Yield for 3 lbs that CrabMeat-to-shell Ratio
Colossal Red King Crab1.8 come 2.25 lbs 60% come 75%
Snow Crab0.9 to 1 lb30% to 35%
Dungeness Crab0.6 to 0.75 lbs 13% to 30%
Blue Crab0.3 to 0.5 lbs 10% come 15%

However, this doesn’t median you need to only to buy red king crabs. Seasonality has a many to do with once crabs save on computer the many meat, taste the freshest, and are reasonably priced. That usually far better to go with the crab that’s in season quite than out of season for better value and also taste.

I’ll go over when it’s ideal to buy each crab, how much meat you’re walk to obtain in each crab, and also a couple of more amazing numbers I uncovered in my research. Hope this is valuable for the next time you buy some crab meat.

How much Meat is in King Crab Legs?


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Snow crabs are sold in clusters, which contain four walking legs and a nippers arm. They’re uncovered in the same waters as king crabs but have diluent legs, which method they yield less meat.

30% come 35% the a eye crab cluster is pure crab meat, depending upon the crab. If you buy 3 pounds of eye crab clusters, expect around 1 pound of pure crab meat. This is much less than the cousin the king crab, however still substantially much more meat 보다 a Dungeness or Blue Crab.

This depends on a couple of factors including the time that year and the packaging of your snow crabs.

The snow crab season start in about late October and ends roughly January, relying on the weather each year. Because that the freshest crabs, to buy your snow crabs in the winter. This is when the eye crabs are at their highest possible population, freshest, and also meatiest.

One thing to look the end for is just how much ice is had in the load of your crabs. As soon as snow foot legs room packaged and sold online or allow on screen at a grocery store, they are frozen and have one unfair quantity of water weight. This can easily throw turn off the meat to shell ratio.

Because that this, the meat percent of a snow crab can easily vary. Don’t intend substantially less meat 보다 the 30% pointed out before. I have heard that several people get 40% meat yields of their eye crab legs.

Either way, eye crabs room a cheaper alternate to King Crab Legs and also contain a lot an ext meat 보다 Dungeness and Blue crabs. Every in all, a great option for her dinner table.

How much Meat is in a Dungeness Crab?


Being such a tiny crustacean compared to the monster-like crabs ~ above the West Coast, the blue crab is under on our list of crab meat. Large surprise!

A examine by Donald E. Sweat called Preparing Blue Crab: A Seafood Delicacy discovered that an competent crab picker will pick around 2 and 1/4 ounces the meat from each lb of blue crabs. This is about a 14% yield, which is much less compared to the various other crabs top top this list.

For example, The median blue crab weighs 1/3 pounds, depending on the time the year and stage of your molt. A dozen #1 blue crabs will certainly weight around 4 lbs, which will give you around 1/2 pound of pure blue crab meat.

A single #1-sized blue crab will certainly contain 1 to 2 ounces the blue crab meat once cleaned by an skilled crab picker. This way you will need at least 16 blue crabs for a single pound the crab meat, however expect come need more blue crabs.

There’s a factor why world buy blue crabs through the bushel on the eastern Coast. One bushel that #1 and also #2 blue crabs contains around 40 lbs of blue crabs, i beg your pardon is roughly 6 pounds that pure crab meat. If you desire a pour it until it is full meal, especially for numerous people, you need to buy a considerable amount that blue crabs.

Now, this study was an average estimation, taking into account blue crabs varying in size. Crabs captured later in the season (late fall) will certainly be heavier and meatier compared to recently-molted crabs in the early on season (early summer).

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If you desire the meatiest crabs because that the dollar, to buy blue crabs at the end of summer.