Alligators space members that the crocodilian group of reptiles, and also they live in the joined States and also Eastern China.

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Two varieties currently exist, which incorporate the American alligator and also Chinese alligator. They are instantly recognizable because they have tough, scaly skin, webbed feet, long tails, and powerful jaws.

How lot Do Alligators Weigh?

The bigger American alligator can be as lengthy as 15 feet and also weighs 500 come 1,000 pounds.

Chinese alligators are smaller, measuring 4 1/2 to 5 feet and weighing about 80 pounds.

How lot Does a infant Alligator Weigh?

Females develop nests do from sticks, mud, and plants and also lay 10 come 50 eggs.

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They have actually a very an effective bite. However, their jaws are not very powerful when an alligator opens them, which method their mouth can be held closed by a human!

Birds, fish, little reptiles, small mammals, and mollusks space the main types of foods these carnivores eat. However, some have actually been well-known to eat plants and fruit, too.

~ Fun truth ~

The speak “cool as a cucumber” originates from the fact that the within of a cucumber remains roughly 11 degrees cooler than outside temperatures, mainly because of that is high water content.


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