how much walk a Svu Detective in brand-new York City, NY make?

The typical Svu Detective in brand-new York City, NY makes $63,353, 5% above the national average Svu Detective salary of $60,380. This pay is 26% lower than the merged average incomes of other metros san Francisco, Washington, DC and Dallas.

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Salary ranges for Svu Detectives in brand-new York City, NY US

The earnings of Svu Detectives in brand-new York City, NY selection from $18,398 come $162,511, v a typical salary the $58,048. The center 57% the Svu Detectives makes in between $58,048 and also $92,141, with the peak 86% make $162,511.

How much tax will you need to pay together a Svu Detective in brand-new York City, NY

because that an separation, personal, instance filer in this taxes bracket, friend would have actually an approximated average federal taxes in 2018 of 22% and also an added new York state taxation of 6.33%. After ~ the an unified taxes have been take away out, Svu Detectives might expect to have actually a take-home pay of $49,778/year, through each paycheck equaling approximately $2,074*.

* assuming bi-monthly pay period. Taxes estimated using tax rates for a single filer making use of 2018 federal and also state taxes tables. Metro-specific taxes room not taken into consideration in calculations. This data is to plan to it is in an estimate, no prescriptive jae won or tax advice.

Quality of Life because that Svu Detective

v a take-home salary of approximately $4,148/month, and also the typical 2BR apartment rental price of $2,506/mo** in brand-new York City, NY, a Svu Detective would pay 60.41% of your monthly take-home salary towards rent. The average revenue spent on expense of life excluding rent within new York City every month for an separation, personal, instance is $1,250, and for a 4-person family members $4,592***. This way for an individual, full cost of life is 90.55% of a Svu Detective in brand-new York City"s salary leaving $392 as discretionary income; whereas for a family of 4, total cost of life is 171.12% that a Svu Detective in brand-new York City"s value leaving $-2,950 as discretionary income. Once considering cost of living, this places brand-new York City, NY as second out that the 2 largest adjacent metros in state of quality of life for Svu Detectives**.

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** This rental expense was acquired according to an online report at Apartment List*** Average expense of life was gained from Numbeo"s expense of living Index

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