Weinvestigated the most an useful VHS and Beta tapes to present you what lock worth and also where to offer them


Many VHS tapes room worth 50 cent to a couple of dollars, despite collectible tapes have the right to sell for approximately $50 or more. Betamax tapes deserve to sell for as much as $20 or more. Below are some real-world videotape values.

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Tales indigenous the QuadeaD ZoneVHSHorror$585
Disney’s Beauty and also the Beast (Black Diamond)VHSChildren’s$5 – $10
Zombie (Anchor just clams hell)VHSHorror$100
Halloween (1981 media video release)VHSHorror$175
WCW Bash at the beach 2000VHSPro Wrestling$240
The Beatles: Let the BeVHSMusic$50
Barney: waiting for Santa (original release)VHSChildren’s$150
Dumbo (first release)VHSChildren’s$51
The Legend of Hillbilly JohnVHSOut-of-Print$70
Garbage Pail kids (original blue tape difficult case)VHSChildren’s$104
Halloween (Media)BetamaxHorror$185
Star battles (1977 LUCASFILM 20th CenturyFox w/serial no.)BetamaxAction$85
The angry DeadBetamaxHorror$45
Did you Know? some DVDs are worth approximately $500. Learn more
come most, the abandoned video clip store was worthless. Ravished by Hurricane Katrina, the building’s roof was caved in, there were no doors, and a raccoon had taken increase residence. But to Dan Kinem, it was a goldmine. Kinem, co-director that the documentary film Adjust your Tracking, had actually traveled to the video clip store v a friend searching for rare and an useful VHS tapes. “When we got there the save was usually outside. There to be so lot mold that us both were sick the rest of the trip,” Kinem says. “I’m no kidding you when I tell girlfriend we discovered some the the rarest tapes possible but nearly died in the process. But, we made so much money off that store and also literally conserved these tapes native being lost forever.”
“We uncovered some that the rarest tapes possible but almost died in the process… yet we made so lot money.” – Dan Kinem, Adjust her Tracking
Fortunately, you don’t should pillage ramshackle buildings to find old videotapes – every you must do is unpack those box in her attic or dust off the repertoire on her shelf. Although most old movies are worth little, you can find a diamond in the rough that’s worth numerous dollars. Here, us showyou what provides VHS and Beta tapes valuable, how to find their values, and also where to sell them.

The world most an useful VHS and also Beta tapes

Valuable VHS tapes

What is the most an useful VHS ice in the world? numerous collectors agree that title belongs to the Tales native the QuadeaD Zone different cover clamshell release. “Most VHS collectors know about this movie and also really want a copy, yet I’ve only ever before seen two duplicates in mine life,” states Kinem, that purchased both that those copies. One he maintained for his collection; the other, he marketed for $3,500. “If one more copy ever before pops up, which is unlikely, it will certainly go because that an insane amount,” the says. copies in the original jacket can likewise fetch a nice penny, as much as $700 among avid VHS collectors.
Source: Dan Kinem

3. List every reason a collector could want her tapes

Some world collect VHS tapes and Beta tapes, some collect old fear movies, others collect pop culture and movie franchises. Collectors can be interested in her tapes as secondary items come their primary collections (for example, someone that collects the Star Wars franchise might be interested in Star Wars tapes, but not collect other varieties of movies). “It’s a combination of film love and nostalgia, with a sprinkle the ironic hipster love,” describes Kinem. “The an initial time most civilization saw their favorite movies was top top VHS. The love that the format and also fond memory never ever went away for many world who want to relive their youth.”

4. Gain multiple offers

collection a target price based on value, then see what lot of collectors will pay to get the best deal – uneven someone meets her reserve immediately.

5. Take into consideration shipping

Don’t forget to variable in shipping costs if you’re marketing online.Pass them on come the buyer or check out if girlfriend can break-up the cost. If not, make sure you can still profit after paying shipping fees.

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6. Offer your complete collection

If you do not have actually individual tapes that show up to it is in valuable, then consider selling your totality collection together a lot. If you have 100 tapes precious 50 cent each, that’s still $50 cash in your pocket.

7. Take your time

If you’re no in a hurry to sell, you might get more money through biding her time. VHS is enjoy it a resurgence in popularity among collectors; and as much more people obtain into collecting, need for old tapes will increase. “Because video clip stores space dying out, people want to recreate them in your homes. That amazing memory of walking there as a boy cannot be understated and should no be forgotten,” states Kinem. “VHS is likewise just a cool and amazing method to see and find rarely films. So countless movies are not top top DVD and will never be top top DVD for this reason the only way to very own them is VHS.”