In 1872, the U.S. Population had get an impression to over 38 million people, and Ulysses S. Provide had just been re-elected because that a second term as President. Luther Burbank arisen the Idaho potato native a solitary seed ball, lot of Boston burned during a three-day fire, and also an American cargo ship dubbed the mar Celeste was found drifting in the Atlantic ocean with no crew aboard. ~ above average, horses cost $60, pigs $5, milking cows simply over $20, and goats just $2. A farm yard worker earn $23 every month, a place to sleep, and meals.

More 1872 prices:

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Road buggy with level top and also one seat

Road buggy with plain top and two seats

Road buggy with sophisticated top and one seat
Wheat flour — $12.75/barrelCorn meal — 1 cent/poundRice — 11 cents/poundBeans — 9 cents/quartRoasted coffee — 42 cents/poundBrown sugar — 10 cents/poundGranulated street — 10 cents/poundMolasses — 70 cents/gallonSoap — 8 cents/poundStarch — 12 cents/poundRoasting beef — 19 cents/poundSoup beef — 7 cents/poundBeef rump steak — 29 cents/poundCorned beef — 10 cents/poundMutton chops — 15 cents/poundPork (fresh) — 12 cents/poundPork (salted) — 11 cents/poundSmoked hams — 13 cents/poundSausage — 12 cents/poundLard — 13 cents/poundButter — 39 cents/poundCheese — 17 cents/poundPotatoes — $1.02/bushelMilk — 8 cents/quartEggs — 30 cents/dozenHard timber — $10.19/cordPine timber — $7.00/cordRoom and also board for guys — $5.69/monthRoom and also board for women — $3.75/month

I took these price from my an excellent great… grandfather’s almost-daily newspaper entries for the year 1872. (Apparently he remained in the industry for a brand-new buggy or wagon since this newspaper was stuffed with these and other clippings… notification the prices!) together in all his journals, the wrote about things the were happening in the family, what to be going on roughly the town, and constantly he kept a record of current prices and how lot he had actually paid because that everything.

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Road wagon (canopy top with rubber next and ago curtains, $8 extra)

He preserved track of just arrived money too… his value for delivering the letter by stagecoach, the money his wife brought in by offering eggs, butter, and also cheese, and also the money native cutting and also selling firewood. There to be money native crops and also animals and from boarders too… there was constantly at least one rental man, and during the school year the teacher lived with them too. It’s amazing reading, and when I get to the finish of every journal I always wish he had actually written also more!