The WWE"s cast of characters has contained vampires prefer Gangrel; creepy kid"s display host Bray Wyatt and his clown-demon change ego, the Fiend; a herky-jerky, worm-eating Boogeyman, and whatever the hell El Gigante was an alleged to be (maybe a naked Sasquatch?). Yet even in this world of absurdities, the "World"s strongest Man" mark Henry has actually stood the end for creating unbelievable scenes. Who deserve to forget the storyline wherein Henry bedded a 77-year-old Mae Young? together the WWE describes, Henry had called himself "Sexual Chocolate," boasted about being "the perfect lover," and also likened self to milk due to the fact that "I do all the ladies" bodies" good."

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When Young had herself some coco milk, she became pregnant, farted during labor, and also gave bear to a human being hand. Note Henry"s superhuman hands would certainly go on to do more unbelievable and also thankfully much less dairy-related points on screen, like once he damaged the thick chain hold a steel cage door throughout a 2006 episode of Smackdown. Bleacher Report point out out that he broke that chain because that real due to the fact that unlike freaky antics with the geriatric Mae Young, Henry"s freakish strength isn"t unscripted.


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It isn"t typical WWE hyperbole to call Mark Henry the the strongest man on the planet. As recounted by Iron video game History, in 2002, Henry ended up being the very first person on earth to properly execute a clean lift of the thomas Inch dumbbell. Called for strongman cutting board Inch, this 172-pound dumbbell was long thought about "unliftable" because of the 2.5-inch diameter the its handle. Few men had actually ever also hoisted the dumbbell off the ground during its approximately century-long existence, and also nobody before Henry — consisting of Thomas inch — had ever demonstrated the wrist and also grip strength compelled to turn the dumbbell upward right into the air and catch it in ~ the shoulder, let alone push that weight right into the air. (In 2019 the WWE post footage the the feat).

Thomas customs is simply the pointer of the iceberg. A previous Olympic powerlifter, the World"s Strongest guy crushed multiple world records. The Milwaukee journal Sentinel writes that Henry set a raw deadlift document of nearly 904 pounds, squatted a document 948 pounds there is no a suit and also as of 2014 hosted the "all-time, drug-tested life total" lifting record of 2,314.8 pounds. In 2002, Henry also hoisted the 365-pound Apollon"s Axle overhead 3 times. Prior to that, no human had actually done it an ext than once. But as Henry famously said in the ring, "That"s what i do."