According come his Blueprint training program, Arnold Schwarzenegger coul bench push 500 pounds (226.8 KG) in his prime. As well as bench press, Arnold could also squat 545 pounds (247.2 KG) and deadlift 710 pounds (322 KG).

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How have the right to Arnold Schwarzenegger Bench push this much?

Although Arnold Schwarzenegger is most known for gift a bodybuilder, who commonly don’t have such huge bench presses, there was a reason he might lift for this reason much.

Before bodybuilding, Arnold Schwarzenegger was a powerlifter. That had currently won several strongman and powerlifting competitions before he entered the field of bodybuilding.

Many think this is why Arnold was able to develop such special looking muscle when still keeping a the majority of the finer details and overall muscular development.

By performing powerlifting prior to bodybuilding, Arnold was able to construct a good structure of more thick muscle which do it simpler for that to step onto the bodybuilding phase years later.

Does Arnold Schwarzenegger have any advice because that bench press?

Arnold has actually written plenty of articles and pieces ~ above the art of the bench press. That has defined it as among the most necessary exercises for building strength and size in your pecs, prior delts and triceps.

However, that believes the actual benefits that you gain from this practice derive from your in its entirety form, no raw power. By training her muscles ~ above the bench push in a symmetrical means they will remain a similar size and also become more aesthetically appealing.

Arnold Schwarzenegger trust under strict kind you should be looking to attain 8 come 12 reps on the bench press if you’re chasing bodybuilder format results.

For powerlifters he recommends prioritizing keeping your feet planted on the floor to absolutely drive the load off your chest when pressing up on a rep.

And for maximum as whole pectoral development on the bench press, Arnold recommends that you keep your hand just exterior shoulder-width apart once you grip it on the bench.

In summary, just how much might Arnold Schwarzenegger in reality bench press?

Arnold Schwarzenegger could bench press a chuck 500 lbs in his prime and also powerlifter days. The could also squat 545 lbs and deadlift 710 lbs.

Those room a an effective top 3 lifts. Human being wonder why Arnold to be so solid for a bodybuilder contrasted to a the majority of the others the end there in his day (and even now to some extent) and it comes under to his history of powerlifting.

Before bodybuilding, Schwarzenegger was a powerlifter. This permitted him to master the exercises and push his hardest to gain the many results from himself in the gym.

For bodybuilding, Schwarzenegger proposal prioritizing form and going set of about 8 to 12 reps. Which is good for in its entirety development.

Another good example the bodybuilders who had similarly huge elevator who had actually a history of powerlifting prior to they got on the phase would be Ronnie Coleman.

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