How lot Do Baseboards Cost?

Medium: $170-$400 every room installed
High: $300-$800 every room installed
Also called base trim or basic molding, baseboard is both attractive and also functional. That can add a subtle however important final touch to a room"s style while extending the gap in between the flooring and wall. It likewise protects the wall"s finish from vacuum cleaners, furniture scrapes and other bumps or kicks. Usual costs:Baseboards vary from a basic 1-inch-high ring "shoe" molding to 6 inches high, v finishes varying from level to a sloped, grooved or rounded design. The higher and an ext elaborate the baseboard, the higher the cost. In ~ 65-90 cent a linear foot, lumber composite (MDF) baseboards 2-4 inch high average$50-$75 uninstalled for 80 feet in a 20x20-foot life room or $325-$450 because that 500 feet in an typical two-story Composite baseboards 5-6 inch high run $1.50-$2 a direct foot, make it about $120-$160 uninstalled for 80 feet and $750-$1,000 because that an average-sized run 85 cents-$150 for 3-4 inches high or $1.50-$2.25 for 5-6 customs high because that baseboards of inexpensive woods such together pine or poplar, which works out to around $70-$180 uninstalled because that a living room, or $425-$1,125 uninstalled for an average-sized"s about $2.80-$7 or much more a foot depending on height and also style for baseboards of heavy cherry, mahogany, walnut or other luxury wood, averaging $225-$560 because that a life room or $1,400-$3,500 because that an average-sized are $1.80-$8 a foot, relying on style and also height, because that polyurethane baseboards that are impervious come moisture, won"t rot or crack end time and can it is in painted just like wood; it"s around $144-$640 for a life room and $900-$4,000 for an average-sized environment starts roughly $1.50-$2 a straight foot when contained as component of a larger flooring or remodeling job, or $2-$4 for a stand-alone trim installation--making it $120-$320 because that labor because that a living room, or $750-$2,000 for for one average-sized If an older house has uneven floors and also corners or inexplicable obstacles, installers might charge products plus job at $45-$65 an hour.Related articles: Hardwood Floors, Refinishing a Hardwood Floor, Crown Molding, CarpetWhat have to be included:The family members Handyman explains how to install baseboard on crooked or lumpy walls.Additional costs:Installers frequently charge $45-$65 one hour to remove old baseboard. If the original baseboard to be not installed properly, it deserve to be painstaking work to eliminate it there is no damaging the walls.For remodeling situations, moving furniture out of the method may price extra.If doing the yourself, there"s always some garbage involved, therefore buy at least 10 percent an ext baseboard than needed.Shopping for baseboards:Buy the best quality baseboard you have the right to afford; the better the material, the far better it will look as soon as the project"s done.Installation referrals are accessible through many flooring or hardware stores.

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What human being Are paying - recent Comments809 feet in a job solo???
Amount: $0.00 total
Posted by: TFC Flooring in winchester, CA.Posted: September 4th, 2021 02:09PM
Number that Rooms: 5 bed 3 bathType: 2 story
Contractor: Exaggerating

“I can do roughly 800 feet in 4 to six hours if there is noting in my way?”ha,I laugh at that number.. Only means to carry out 800 feet through yourself. Is if you had actually a row of 3 single story new betterworld2016.orgs & just installed base top top the the huge rooms. Leaving out closets & bathrooms. Climate you have the right to say,”I mounted 800ft.. For that one day.” Not including painting & caulking them.(because artist spray wall surfaces & baseboards after. I know as a flooring contractor).Its retarded lock install basic first. Likewise Jipo,&Lose installers use 1/4(toe stubbers!)rounds.Makes flooring much from wall.Owners cant placed a brand-new baseboard.They must readjust flooring or put 1/4 stubbers again top top a brand-new base.I repaint my basic first.Which takes almost a work to collection up,prep&paint 2 coats.Then a good two days come install and also caulk everything.Id like to view 800ft installed, painted,and caulked in one day.On a two 2200sqft 2 story residence with 45* cuts on every corner.(yourself!)If you perform that,I definitely would bow down.
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Amount: $5.00 total
Posted by: Snortingordon in Hobbs, NM.Posted: July 20th, 2019 07:07AM
Number that Rooms: 000Type: MDF
Contractor: BGM

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3/4in shoes mold install
Amount: $100.00 total
Posted by: Carolina Flooring remedies in Murphy, NC.Posted: September 24th, 2018 06:09PM
Number that Rooms: 6Type:
Contractor: Carolina Flooring Solutions

I have 619 straight we installed 2 guys in 2 days and also charged $1.15 per direct foot totalling $711.85. Perform y"all think the was under priced or also much?
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PG Poplar
Amount: $1,750.00 total
Posted by: RedMist in Middlebury, IN.Posted: December 15th, 2017 12:12PM
Contractor: me Build

Installing a mixture that 8", 4", and also 2" baseboard at 900" and also 3" door casings for 15 doors. Price is for raw hardwood which I will paint. No installation expenses as I will bee doing the myself. The timber is gift purchased native a little Amish shop near me. The lumber profile is very straightforward with a 1/4" radius top top one corner. Ns realize I can likely discover less expensive lumber elsewhere; however, I choose their quality and service.
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get an installer before you buy.
Amount: $2.40 total
Posted by: CrownInstaller in Clearwater, FL.Posted: august 10th, 2016 10:08AM

Base boards speed and also quality goes v the talent that the installer. In most situations the installer is purchase their materials wholesale.I deserve to do around 800 feet in 4 to six hours if there is noting in mine way. Huge box stores charge average here $2.12 per direct foot because that base boards. I charge $2.40 per direct foot. (5 1/4" base)I deserve to do it since I buy indigenous a volume wholesaler. Her contractor packs are just 12" giving you a higher chance for seams and increasing the for your MDF and particle plank base, I will not touch the crap. I back all mine materials and labor and also those space a complete waste of your money. Lock don"t last.
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500 straight Feet in 4-8 hours ???
Amount: $0.00 total
Posted by: Dwayne Howard in Arlington, TX.Posted: November 27th, 2012 10:11PM
Number that Rooms: 10Type:
Contractor: just Asking

The last line of info under "Typical Costs" should have been left out, or post correctly. It"d take it a whole crew the carpenters to download 500 feet that baseboard in half a day ! they won"t be doing that for $520, much much less for $180.
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Cost of Baseboards
Amount: $88.00 total
Posted by: handy Andy in Jacksonville, NC.Posted: December 3rd, 2009 08:12AM
Number of Rooms: 3Type: share Base
Contractor: Lowes

Just wanted to add...its a lot cheaper come buy a contractor fill of molding in ~ lowes. Separation, personal, instance pieces will run you about $6-8 each. A contractor fill with 120 straight feet runs $44! large difference. For this reason make sure you ask because that the pack.
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Baseboard Costs
Amount: $0.00 total
Posted by: black River building in Hartland, MI.Posted: September 24th, 2009 07:09AM

In the paragraph on installation costs it states experienced installation starts at $1.50 per direct foot. This appears correct, yet at the end of the i it says a 500 straight foot job should price $180.00 come $520.00 for labor. In ~ $1.50 per direct foot the job would begin at $750.00 because that labor.
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