While bunnies room an much easier pet to take treatment of contrasted to a brand-new puppy, friend still need quite a few things to take house with you come properly treatment for them. In ~ Petland, we bring all the essential items because that you to be a successful and also caring pets owner! check out our list listed below <…>

While bunnies space an less complicated pet come take treatment of 보다 a new puppy, friend still require quite a few things come properly care for them. At Petland, we lug all the important items for you to be a successful and caring pet owner! inspect out our list below of points we recognize you will need when bringing residence your newest family members member:

Cage – proper real estate is necessary when bringing residence a baby bunny. They need to have actually a safe place to hang out, sleep and eat, away from any other pet you have in the house. The cage requirements to be huge enough because that the hare to flourish as well!Food & Water Bowls – pretty self-explanatory, yet that doesn’t do them any kind of less important!Bedding & Litter – this is for this reason you deserve to keep your bunny’s area clean for multiple days at a time. You can also purchase a litter pan and also litter to begin the procedure of litter-box training her bunny.

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Hide-aways – baby bunnies must sleep in a “den-like” area whereby it’s dark, therefore they feel defended from your surroundings. It’s likewise a good idea to have the hide-away be chewable, therefore they don’t acquire the glowing idea that chewing on your cage!Hay – baby bunnies need a diet that both juvenile hare pellets and alfalfa hay till they are six months old. After ~ that, you can introduce new fruits and also veggies together treats and also timothy and also other types of hay, yet it still requirements to be around a 50/50 break-up ratio that pellet food and hay.Treats & Toys – us can’t stress this one enough! A engendered bunny is a happy one! infant bunnies love to play and chew, i beg your pardon is why having actually a great ratio the treats and also toys (or treats that are toys and vice versa!) in their cage is necessary for castle to keep from emerging destructive behaviors. They additionally need points to help grind down their teeth, which are constantly growing!Grooming Tools – this one may have slipped her notice, but it’s actually very important to keep your bunny’s hair brushed and also nails trimmed to save your bunny happy and healthy!Exercise Pen – you have to watch your bunny really closely when it is the end of its cage, however if you no able to execute that, an practice pen is just the ticket! your bunny can acquire the everyday exercise that needs and you have the right to walk away if girlfriend need and know that the bunny will be safe and also sound.

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Carrier – lastly, it’s vital to have actually a transport for her bunny because that trips to the veterinary or end to a friend’s home to play!

We expect you took pleasure in this checklist for bringing house a new bunny! prevent by now if you interested in exploring the bunnies we have actually in the store and also what we indicate on bringing house with them!

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