More 보다 two decades after Frankie Lymon sang his final note, the discordant dispute over i m sorry of three women is his widow is over.

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New York State"s greatest court claimed Emira Eagle of Georgia to it is in the widow of the 1950s absent star, entitling her to at least some that the royalties to Frankie Lymon and the Teenagers" 1956 hit, "Why execute Fools fall in Love."

The brand-new York Court of Appeals turned down a motion by Elizabeth Waters come appeal a reduced court decision naming Ms. Eagle the widow.

It promises Ms. Eagle at the very least partial insurance claim to "Why execute Fools loss in Love," which has actually earned more than $1 million and also is still bringing in money, stated Chuck Rubin, president of the Artists appropriate Enforcement Corp.

Lymon, who was 13 year old when he sang "Why perform Fools fall in Love," sank into drug addiction and died penniless the a heroin overdose in brand-new York City in 1968.

He married Ms. Eagle, a Georgia teacher, in 1967 after meeting her if he remained in the Army, claimed her lawyer, Ira Greenberg.

Ms. Waters that Philadelphia claimed to be Lymon"s common-law wife throughout the mid-1960s, according to papers.

Zola Taylor, a previous member that the teen-age doo-wop team the Platters, likewise said she was married come Lymon. However, she dropped out of the case prior to it reached the Court of Appeals, Greenberg said.

Ms. Eagle"s search for part of the song"s income isn"t over. Her commonwealth lawsuit against Levy have the right to proceed currently that it has been developed she is the rightful widow, Greenberg said.

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