Step appropriate up and test her wild turkey knowledge with this funny trivia video game that is fun for both adults and also kids! gain your family together come play and see how well you recognize our feathered friends—just over time for Thanksgiving! (Check her answers at the end of the article.)

1. Deserve to turkeys fly?


A) Yes; in fact, wild turkeys have been clocked at speed of up to 60 miles per hour!

B) Yes, however they just do so once escaping from predators.

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C) No, they don’t have enough feathers to assistance flight.

D) No, they space too heavy to it is in aerodynamic.

2. What do turkeys eat?

A) Fruits and also berries

B) Leaves and also grass

C) Insects

D) all of the above.

3. Where carry out turkeys sleep?

A) ~ above the ground.

B) In bushes.

C) In trees.

D) all of the above.

4. What are male turkeys called?

A) Toms

B) Gobblers

C) Jakes

D) every one of the above.

5. What are female turkeys called?

A) Ovids

B) Jennies

C) Jills

D) Pens

6. What are baby turkeys called?


A) Kits

B) Chicks

C) Poults

D) Whelps

7. What is the surname for a team of turkeys?


A) Passel

B) Muster

C) Sentry

D) Rafter

8. What is the surname for the flap the skin hanging over a turkey’s beak?

A) Wattle

B) Beard

C) Snood

D) Spur

9. What is the name of the flap the skin under a turkey’s chin?


A) Wattle

B) Beard

C) Snood

D) Spur

10. What shade is a wild turkey’s head?

A) Red

B) Pink

C) White

D) any kind of of the above.

11. How fast can turkeys run?

A) 10 miles an hour

B) 15 mile an hour

C) 20 miles an hour

D) 25 mile an hour

12. How countless stomachs walk a turkey have?

A) just one, but it serves two functions.

B) Two: the glandular stomach and also the gizzard.

C) Three: the reticulum, the omasum, and the abomasum.

D) Four: the reticulum, the intestine, the crop, and also the gizzard.

13. What is the median lifespan because that a wild turkey?


A) 3-5 years

B) 5-8 years

C) 10-15 years

D) 15-25 years

14. What are the only two states without a wild turkey population?

A) Alaska and also Hawaii.

B) Alaska and California

C) North and also South Dakota

D) Hawaii and Florida

15. Perform turkeys have an excellent vision?

A) Yes, they have the right to see as much as 270 degrees without transforming their head.

B) Yes, they can see 360 levels without transforming their head.

C) No, they have tunnel vision and also can’t view in low-light conditions.

D) No, they have actually a minimal vision that is recognized as “cone vision.”

16. How countless feathers perform turkeys have?

A) 1,000 come 2,000

B) 3,000 to 4,000

C) 5,000 to 6,000

D) 7,000 come 8,000

17. What go it mean when a masculine turkey’s head transforms red?

A) He’s prepared to fight.

B) He’s prepared to mate.

C) he is embarrassed.

D) he’s sick.

18. True or false: male turkeys have vivid feathers if female turkey feathers are mainly grey and brown.


A) True

B) False

19. True or false: Turkeys have actually over 20 unique calls.

A) True

B) False

20. True or false: The turkey population is quickly decreasing.


A) True

B) False

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Answers: 1) A, 2) D, 3) C, 4) D, 5) B, 6)C, 7) D, 8) C, 9) A, 10) D, 11) D, 12) B, 13) A, 14) A, 15) A, 16) C, 17) A, 18) A; True. Masculine turkeys have feathers that selection in color, and include green, red, purple, and also copper and iridescent tones. 19) A; True. These encompass the renowned “gobble,” as well as clucks, purrs, yelps, and also kee kees. 20) B; False. There are about seven million wild turkeys worldwide, and their population is widening in many places.