hi!I have around a quarter ounce the smallish stems saved up (and theres a little of shake in there, possibly a gram or so) that ns was hope to do some use out of. A girlfriend told me that i could get a crate of brownie mix, and put the stems in a pot with however much oil the box calls for. He said to heaten, yet not boil, the oil/stems mixture and use that in the cooking recipes as dubbed for. I also read that you must put the stems through a coffee grinder first. Need to I use the grinder first? Is mine friends advice means off basic in the very first place? any advice would be greatly appreciated

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Could in concept work. Every you require is a fat/oil come extract the THC, at a warm (but no too warm - THC evaporates
200°C (392°F)) temp. This is tricky if you"re using just oil in a pan, friend don"t want to vaporise your THC! save it in ~ a short heat. Ideally you want to acquire your trunk broken-down into a powder, or as close come a powder together poss. A Pestle and mortar might work if girlfriend don"t have a grinder. Examine out this method for make canna oil for brownies: http://boards.cannabis.com/recipes/8...-brownies.html
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thanks!at what temperature do you think the oil would certainly boil? making certain it doesn"t boil need to be enough to insure that doesn"t evaporate, right?and i have a coffee grinder i will placed the trunk through. I might remove any woodier pieces after i chop it, right?
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seemed to occupational pretty well... Taste good, no as potent together some people report btu deserve to be intended with stems as opposed come bud i guess, and I used the entirety of the mix together well... Stems no sit in the oil for lengthy either, since I was making use of a camping stove and also the oil was obtaining too hot... Every in all appeared to occupational out, though... Stomach was pretty uncomfortable a couple of hours after eat them is the only complaint
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