Wondering, “How numerous sides does a pentagon have?” look at no further! This write-up will call you every little thing you must know around pentagons.

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Pentagon Sides: What makes a Pentagon

A pentagon is a type of shape dubbed a polygon.

A polygon is a flat, attached shape that is made up of straight lines. To it is in “enclosed’ way that all sides of the polygon connect and also none of the sides space curved.

There are two basic categories of polygons: regular and irregular. Regular polygons have equal sides and equal angles. Irregular polygons perform not.

Pentagons deserve to be both irregular and regular, an interpretation that they deserve to have both equal sides and also equal angles as well as have unequal sides and unequal angles.


How countless Sides does a Pentagon Have?

A pentagon is any kind of polygon that has five sides and also five angles. The root of the word pentagon is “penta” which originates from the Greek word for five. “Gon” originates from the Greek word for angle. So, if you placed the 2 words together, you gain “five angles,” which corresponds to how numerous angles are in the shape.

As I just mentioned, in order because that a form to qualify together a pentagon, it requirements to it is in a five sided shape and also have 5 angles. The pentagon’s sides must be straight: if any of them space curved, then the shape does no qualify together a pentagon.

A consistent pentagon has all equal sides and angles. In a continuous pentagon, its interior angles are 108 degrees and its exterior angles are 72 degrees. The angles of a pentagon include up come 540 degrees.

In an rarely often rare pentagon, pentagon sides and also angles can be various sizes.


The shape on the left is a continual pentagon. It has five sides and also five angles, all of which space the same length or size.

The form on the best is an irregular pentagon. Every side is a various length. Every angle is a different size.

Other types of Polygons

Pentagons space a 5 face shape. Other polygons have different quantities of sides and also angles.

Here’s a perform of other polygons and also the number of sides castle have.

PolygonNumber the Sides

Pentagon Sides: final Thoughts

A pentagon is a kind of 5 face shape called a polygon. Polygons are flat, enclosed shapes with sides that room straight lines. How countless sides does a pentagon have? A pentagon is a polygon the has five sides.

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