Seroquel is an patent antipsychotic medicine that deserve to be lethal in an extremely high doses, or when blended with various other drugs. Adverse side results of Seroquel toxicity include kidney failure, hyperglycemia, diabetic coma, and death.

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Seroquel, the brand surname for quetiapine is an atypical antipsychotic medicine that can have toxic impacts if bring away in really high doses alone or in mix with other drugs.

The typical dose that Seroquel is 400 mg to 800 mg a day. Acquisition a greater amount of Seroquel might risk adverse side effects, including hyperglycemia, kidney damage, and also death.

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Understanding The Lethal sheep Of Seroquel

Research ~ above the security of Seroquel reflects that the shortest reported dose linked with fatality developed after a human being took 6,000 milligrams—or 7.5 time the maximum recommended dose.

However, extr case reports have displayed patient survival after the ingestion of approximately 30,000 milligrams. In a clinical trial, one fatality was reported after a human took 13,600 mg.

Cause that Seroquel Overdose

Seroquel overdose deserve to be caused by acquisition an too much amount that Seroquel alone, or in combination with various other drugs.

One case series studying overdose incidents over five years figured out the sloop down of high sheep of Seroquel through opiates, amphetamines, benzodiazepines, cannabis, and barbiturates.

Factors that Can influence The Lethal Dose

Certain components may impact the hazard of deadly overdose after taking a an extremely high sheep of Seroquel.

Risk determinants for significant Seroquel overdose include:

older agecardiovascular diseaseimpaired kidney or liver functionslow medicine metabolismlow body weightuse of many drugs

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How usual Is Seroquel Overdose?

According come the Centers for an illness Control (CDC), Seroquel is one of the most common drugs connected with suicide by drug overdose, in addition to prescription opioids and also Xanax.

In 2016, Seroquel was involved in practically 300 suicides by drug overdose. Seroquel overdose might be an ext common in people who have untreated or undertreated mental health disorders.

What room The signs Of Seroquel Overdose?

Severe cases of Seroquel overdose can be deadly. V prompt medical treatment, recovering from a Seroquel overdose is possible.

Signs and also symptoms of Serqouel overdose include:

drowsinessdizzinessrapid heartbeatfaintinglow blood pressurecoma

In rare cases, overdose may likewise lead to respiratory depression (slow or stopped breathing) and seizures. If who is unresponsive or has collapsed after acquisition Seroquel, call 911 best away.

Finding therapy For Seroquel Abuse and also Addiction

Seroquel overdose may be a authorize of drug abuse or an basic mental health disorder. If who you understand is misusing Seroquel, seeking substance abuse treatment is recommended.

By phone call us, us can assist identify which form of drug treatment routine is best suited to fulfill your needs.

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