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Drew Brees is looking to win his second Super Bowl as the Saints can advancement to the huge game v a success over the Rams in the 2019 NFC Championship. The Saints won Super key XLIV ago in 2010 for the 2009 season as new Orleans beat Indianapolis 31-17.

Not only did Brees success his first title in 2010, however the Saints quarterback additionally won Super key MVP. Brees led the Saints come a dominant victory in spite of being 4.5-point underdogs versus the Colts. Brees threw because that 288 yards and two touchdowns versus Indianapolis together the Saints hoisted the franchise’s first Lombardi Trophy.

Another super Bowl win would catapult Brees into rare agency with a grasp of quarterbacks who have actually multiple Super bowl victories. As NFL Network’s Good Morning Football sharp out, a solid argument have the right to be made that Brees way more come his city than any other NFL player.

Brees signed with the Saints quickly after Hurricane Katrina devastated brand-new Orleans. Heading into the 2019 NFC Championship, Brees spoke with the Saints website about what it has been choose to watch the city come together.

Well, i think from job one, ’06, girlfriend go back to that time as soon as a the majority of us came here six months post-Katrina. All of us leaning ~ above one another. You know, this was this is a brand-new environment for Sean (Payton). It to be a new situation, first-time head coach. Man, he had his hands complete trying to put together a staff and also a team to try to put together a winner to offer the people of brand-new Orleans and this community something come cheer about. I think he attracted the connection really quickly. He helped to create that bond. He had to develop the society here that fits the mold the this city, friend know, and also the Who dat Nation. So ns think he’s always taken on that. So that’s one of the huge reasons why there’s together a connection between the two.

Brees Led the Saints to the Franchise’s just Super key Victory

Like Brees, the Saints have actually only won one Super bowl in franchise history. Brees and Sean Payton have had actually a historic run in brand-new Orleans. According to Newsday, Brees and Payton have merged for the second-most constant season wins (118) and starts (190) of any kind of coach-quarterback mix in NFL history.

Heading into the 2019 NFC Championship matchup, Brees stressed the prominence the team no taking this opportunity for granted despite their past success.

“I think that’s been well connected really as we’ve journeyed through the season here and as we’ve hit every benchmark and hit every level that we aspired to obtain to,” Brees noted per the Saints website. “Don’t take it because that granted. Appreciate it. That takes a lot of tough work to obtain here.

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We space still a young team in a lot of areas, yet we additionally have a lot of of great veteran leadership. Ns think those guys throughout the season have done a good job in making certain that’s communicated to guys and also guys recognize that.”