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finish Paint project (Non-color Change)

Considering the you have actually 25% bodywork and primer spots across body panels…


Whenpainting the same color base, girlfriend don’t need a lot of ofpaint. Keep in psychic basecoat product volume willdouble once mixed.


Completemedium dimension sedan (Toyota Camry) vehicle with 25%primer covered. You will do it need about 2 quarts ofbasecoat. That will provide you a gallon of sprayable material! And you should have leftovers!

Overall, when doing a complete respray same color, you’ll never need a gallon of basecoat. Tiny Miata (1 quart base = 1/2 gallon sprayable). Large Ford F150 (3 quarts of basic = 1.5 gallons sprayable). Friend should have leftover!


Basecoat spray technique: Spray primed areas very first (get it fully covered) then dust entire vehicle 1-2 times. Proceed to spray 2-3x coats that clearcoat.

Onceyou watch that the auto is totally covered evenly, you can proceed with sprayingyour clearcoat.

Lighting is really important once spraying base. You have to make sure you extended your primed locations before spraying clearcoat. If you room thin on base in primed areas and spray clear, you’ll need to do the job over.

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Complete paint Job (CLEARCOAT)

Normally once doing a complete respray, you’d want to make certain that you have at the very least a 1 gallon kit that clearcoat!


Clearcoatprices variety from $100 – $350 because that a 1 gallon kit.

How much should you have for a complete respray?

A 1 Gallon Kit.

How much will friend use?

Anywhere indigenous 3 – 4 quarts the sprayable clearcoat.

A 1 gallon kit combined will provide you 5-6 quarts of sprayable top top average.

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NEVER mix all of your clear coat at once, you might not require it!

simple Clearcoat mixing Ratios


1 Gallon Kit – 4:1 = 4 components clear and 1 component hardener

2:1 = 2 parts clear and also 1 component hardener

2:1:1 = 2 parts clear 1 part hardener and also 1part reducer.

*Reducersand Hardener info*