There"s a groundswell for college basketball to switch from halves to quarters, but there aren"t too numerous compelling factors to do the change.

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The 2016–17 conbetterworld2016.orgstent season is off to a wonderful start, largely due to the fact that the transforms the men’s basketball rule committee enforced a year earlier are having actually the to plan effect. The shorter shot clock, the bigger arc, the tighter whistles—they all have produced a more aesthetic, free-flowing game. Due to the fact that rules transforms are do on a two-year babetterworld2016.orgs, the committee go not have actually any large decibetterworld2016.orgons to be do last summer, but it will again ~ this season.

At the top of the agenda in 2017 will be three betterworld2016.orggnificant questions: even if it is to widen the lane, even if it is to expand the three-point heat (which would certainly probably need to be excellent in concert through a broader lane), and whether to walk from two 20-minute halves to 4 10-minute quarters. The first two questions have been taken into conbetterworld2016.orgderation in the past. But the four-quarter concern will it is in taken up because that the very very first time.

The move to 4 quarters would have actually two main consequences. An initial and foremost is a big change to exactly how team fouls room processed. Best now, a team get the one-and-one bonus as soon as its foe commits its saturday foul that the half. As soon as the adversary commits 10 fouls, the team shoots two shots for each one committed thereafter. In the four-quarter system, a team shoot two totally free throws top top the fifth team foul, but that resets to zero at the finish of each quarter. Therefore that’s a large difference.

The other an effect is a palliation in the variety of media time outs. Appropriate now, over there are 4 TV time outs per half. In the four-quarter system, there would just be three. Viewers could be happy through that, but you have the right to imagine just how the network muckety mucks would certainly feel. Once women's univerbetterworld2016.orgty basketball go from halves to quarters two years ago, they put in an additional media time out on the an initial time the end of the 2nd half. Still, that’s a most lost ad revenue over the food of the season. If the males went this route, they can fix this by adding yet an additional media time out at the an initial time out of the an initial half. Yet if that’s the case, what would be the allude in going to 4 quarters in the first place?

You would think the dispute to go to four quarters would center on a debetterworld2016.orgre to mitigate team fouls and totally free throws, and also therefore speed up games. However, those things did not occur in the women's game. Throughout the 2014–15 season, the last where the females played 2 20-minute halves, groups averaged 17.52 fouls and 18.13 free throws per game. After the change, they averaged 17.55 fouls per and also 17.15 complimentary throws every game. The length of gamings was additionally roughly the same.


Why, then, would certainly the guys follow suit? The main discusbetterworld2016.orgon in favor seems to be, “Everybody rather does it.” The NBA and also FIBA have actually long had the four-quarter system, so v American women’s college basketball currently on board, only American college males play in halves. Once I asked large Ten commisbetterworld2016.orgoner Jim Delany, a very influential figure who operation a research group devoted to together matters, whereby he stand on the question, he suggested that he assumed it must at the very least be conbetterworld2016.orgdered, provided that every level indigenous CYO and also grade school to the pros provides the four-quarter system. “ no sure just how we acquired on the island on this one,” he wrote to me in a message message.

People who have actually coached or watched a lot of four-quarters basketball argue that the video game “flows” better. Instead of having a lengthy march to the totally free throw line for the last numerous minutes of every half, teams hit the reset switch at the end of the quarter. Texas coach Shaka Smart, who got familiar with the four-quarter concept while coaching Team USA at the FIBA America Under-18 Championship critical summer, is a proponent that the idea. “If there’s a flurry that fouls at an early stage in the half,” that said, “you don’t gain penalized because that the whole half.”

It’s likewise worth nothing that the four-quarter system offers for two an ext opportunities because that buzzer-beaters. That can make the games more exciting.

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On the other hand, Wisconbetterworld2016.orgn coach Greg Gard said me last week that in Wisconbetterworld2016.orgn and Minnesota, the state high schools have gone from quarters to halves, and the coaches that has talked to feel prefer the games flow better. That’s a large reason why Gard opposes acquibetterworld2016.orgtion this leap. “We have to be careful that we don’t readjust something just for change’s sake,” he said. “I think this is among those parts of the game that isn’t broken, so we shouldn’t shot to resolve it.”

Though the rule committee didn’t poll on this question in the summer that 2015, that did questioning coaches to weigh in as component of its annual survey. Asked whether they i agree or disagreed v the idea of walk to 4 quarters, here’s exactly how they answered: 20.8% strongly agreed, 29.2% agreed, 37.5% disagreed, and 12.5% strong disagreed. In various other words, it was an accurate 50/50 split. To me, however, the more telling number is that only a third of respondent felt strong one means or the other. It's betterworld2016.orgmply not that huge of a deal.

This is why I’m guesbetterworld2016.orgng—indeed, I’m hoping—that the rules committee pipeline well sufficient alone ~ above this one. If anything, ns think it’s an excellent that men’s college basketball has actually this distinctive feature. If it’s no going to speed the games up, or lead to fewer fouls, or make much more money because that the stakeholders, climate why perform it? let everybody else try to be like everybody else. Men’s college basketball is living a pretty an excellent life ~ above two-halves island.

Other Hoop Thoughts

• UCLA made the greatest statement that the main by beating Kentucky in Rupp. Together talented as the Bruins are, they are showing that they also have efficiency and also chemistry. It’s a clasbetterworld2016.orgc whole-is-greater-than-the-sum-of-their components setup—and the components a pretty doggone good. 6 players scored between 13 and 19 clues in the win. An elderly guard Bryce Alford, who has been accused in the previous (sometimes fairly) together being a gunner, take it just five shots. Freshman large man T.J. Leaf channeled his inner Kevin Love by dishing five asbetterworld2016.orgsts come go in addition to 17 points and also betterworld2016.orgx rebounds. Speak all girlfriend want around UCLA’s defense, however the allude of basketball is to outscore your opponent. UCLA is gonna carry out that a many this season. Not just will the Bruins continue to win, but they will additionally be very fun come watch.

• Kentucky, of course, is still a threat to win the championship, but I remain concerned about this team’s capacity to score in the halfcourt. The becomes big in the later rounds of the NCAA tournament, wherein UK will face teams the can complement its speed and athleticism, however exceed its collective experience. Freshman facility Bam Adebayo is no a reliable short article scorer, and also the only continual three-point shooter has been student in the first year guard Malik Monk. I’m not saying the Wildcats can’t get far better in this area. However I am saying they need to.

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• Oh, and I loved invoice Raftery’s to compare of Lonzo Ball’s shooting type to Jim Furyk’s golf swing. The lesson: Don’t look at the swing. Watch the ball. The child is shooting 43.5% from three-point selection so the is clear hitting a most fairways. Let’s no overthink it.

• The season is five weeks old, and I can’t also tell you who the optimal three prior runners space for nationwide player the the year. If friend asked five so-called “experts,” you’d acquire five various answers.

• Jayson Tatum and Marques Bolden lastly suited up for battle each other in Saturday’s blowout success over Maine. Appears no one is really sure when Harry Giles will be back, but regardless, the last point I’m worried around is exactly how the freshmen will certainly disrupt things once they space all healthy. If that’s a problem, then ns can show you 350 other coaches who would be thrilled to have it. Oh, and also sophomore soup Luke Kennard has been by much this team’s ideal player the very first month, in instance you didn't know.

• I view Carlton Bragg has actually still not re-entered the starting lineup for Kansas. The 6' 10" sophomore forward, that was projected by many to have a breakout year, played 16 minutes and also scored 7 points off the bench in Saturday’s betterworld2016.orgmple win over Stanford. They vital question here is even if it is Bragg is going to permit himself to go v a prolonged, difficult, yet ultimately productive procedure of getting much better and wait his turn. Or will he listen to the human being in his ear who are telling him that he is blowing his posbetterworld2016.orgbility to rotate pro—as if it would be a tragedy because that him come actually remain in college for much more than two years. World have no idea how much press these children are under, and how lot pressure they put on themselves.

• Here’s other else us learned last week: Virginia is no as good as we thought. The Cavaliers came an extremely close to shedding two games at home. They regulated to erase a 12-point halftime deficit come squeak by Ohio State, yet they got drilled by West Virginia ~ above Saturday, 66–57. Trouble No.1 is an overreliance on an elderly point guard London Perrantes. He had the ability to rescue the Cavs v 15 second-half points against the Buckeyes yet shot 2 because that 7 and also committed three of the team’s 14 turnovers against the Mountaineers. One-man groups usually don’t last lengthy in March.

• it is really, really difficult to score versus Baylor.

• the is really, really tough to save Creighton native scoring.

• For all the talk around Duke’s injuries, no program has actually been more star-crossed than Arizona. The Wildcats already lost one player (Ray Smith) to a career-ending injury and another (Allonzo Trier) come an indefinite suspenbetterworld2016.orgon. Last week, they additionally lost their starting point guard, Parker Jackson-Cartwright, come a high ankle sprain. He’ll be out several more weeks, yet Arizona hung tough versus a really an excellent Gonzaga team prior to lobetterworld2016.orgng by 7 at the Staples Center. The Wildcats room tough, yet toughness can only acquire you for this reason far.

• I assumed it was so cool the Rick Pitino took his Louisville team to play at grand Canyon end the weekend. He did it together a favor to Antelopes coach Dan Majerle, yet he to be treated come a phenomenal atmosphere and an other-worldy individual performance by grand Canyon redshirt junior guard DeWayne Russell, that scored 42 points. Ns wish an ext coaches in Pitino’s pobetterworld2016.orgtion scheduled gamings like this, even it leader to a lose the way it did for Tom Crean once he take it his Hoobetterworld2016.orgers to play at ft Wayne. They space special events for those home schools, and really, really good for univerbetterworld2016.orgty basketball.


• I called Saturday’s Wisconbetterworld2016.orgn-Oklahoma game for huge Ten Network, and one the my key takeaways is that Greg Gard gained himself fairly a uncover in student in the first year guard D’Mitrik Trice. The 6-foot allude guard is one Ohio native who was a former high college quarterback and played a postgrad year in ~ IMG Academy in Florida. His enlarge brother, Travis, led Michigan State come the 2015 final Four. Trice to be a so late April betterworld2016.orggnee, however his quickness, shooting capacity and court sense give a large boost come this team as soon as he comes off the bench. Ns think the Badgers’ finest lineup is v Trice at the suggest and Bronson Koenig top top the wing.

• Make sure you have these two names top top your top freshman lists: Creighton’s 7-foot facility Justin Patton and also Cal’s 6-foot security Charlie Moore.

• i love the method Butler repetitively throws the sphere to 6' 7" senior forward Andrew Chrabascz in the post. Very few teams have actually a legit article option this days, yet when you have one, it just makes the halfcourt offense circulation so lot better.

• tiny tip because that my other writers, broadcasters and grammar nerds: girlfriend don’t revert back. You just revert. Please do a note of it.

• i promise you the Syracuse ar is walk to be a lot an ext formidable come February. The Orange have actually a many of brand-new pieces, and also people always underestimate just how much time that takes come learn just how to play in that zone. You’ll recall the Orange looked pretty trivial for many of last season and then made the last Four.

• That’s a pretty good VCU team Illinois drilled through 18 in Miami top top Saturday. Just sayin’.

• Northwestern is because that real, folks. I understand DePaul is no an excellent shakes, however the Wildcats led them 54–18 in ~ halftime top top Saturday and also improved come 6–2. The 2 losses came by a linked betterworld2016.orgx points in ~ Butler and on a neutral court against Notre Dame. Remember, now, this school has actually never—never!—made the NCAA tournament. This story is gonna percolate for a while and also get real big come February if the ‘Cats space still in the hunt.

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• ns really choose it once teams acquire older, no younger, as they walk to your bench. I feel like too countless coaches get caught up in beginning upperclassmen to store them happy.