Usually, climbing to the office of president requires difficult work, dedication, and a singular focus on the goal at hand. The same have the right to be claimed of becoming an Eagle Scout.

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Not all presidents to be officially boy Scouts in your youth, but each has actually served together an honorary Scout during his time in office and also has sustained the organization in part way. The earliest presidents weren’t Scouts simply since scouting wasn’t established until 1910. In fact, the very first Boy Scout to eventually end up being president (page 10) may surprise you. Only one chairman (page 13) was an Eagle Scout.

Ahead, discover the presidents that were boy Scouts and also find the end if Donald Trump make the cut.

1. Theodore Roosevelt


He was an honorary vice chairman of the young Scouts. | Hulton Archive/Getty Images

“More and more I have grown to believe in the boy Scout movement. Ns regard it as one of the motions most complete of promise for the future right here in America.”

Even despite Teddy Roosevelt’s term to be over prior to the boy Scouts of America was officially founded, he to be later elected honorary vice president and also was the only person ever named chef Scout Citizen.

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2. William Howard Taft


He to be the Scouts’ first honorary president. | The White House historical Association

“I am an extremely glad to give my sympathy and support to together a motion as this. Anything that directs the boy’s spirit in the appropriate channel because that usefulness and for the do of manly men should it is in encouraged.”

Taft was the boy Scouts’ first honorary president and the sit president throughout the organization’s an initial annual meeting at the White house on Feb. 14, 1911.

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3. Woodrow Wilson


He granted the Scouts a charter. | Images

“The boy Scouts have not just demonstrated your worth to the nation, yet have additionally materially contributed to a deeper appreciation by the American people of the higher conception that patriotism and great citizenship.”

While president, Woodrow Wilson signed a bill giving the young Scouts the America a charter. It passed through unanimous consent in both the house and also the Senate.

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4. Warren G. Harding


He offered awards to thousands of Scouts. | Library that Congress/Wikimedia Commons

“I am through the Scout motion heart and also soul…I great every boy in ours America could have the benefit and the respect of being in the young Scout organization.”

He may not it is in the most memorable president, but Warren G. Harding is known for handing out “Harding Awards” to an ext than 5,000 boy Scout troops in 1923.

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5. Calvin Coolidge


He enrolled his boy in the program. | national Archives/Getty Images

“If every young in the unified States might be placed under the wholesome impacts of the scout program, and should live approximately the enlightenment Oath and also rules, we would certainly hear fewer pessimistic words regarding the future of ours nation.”

While he no personally get involved in young Scouts as a lad, Coolidge to be the an initial president to enroll his young in the program. He also attended the 16th annual Meeting the the national Council in 1926 and presented an award.

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6. Herbert Hoover

“In conference the critical need that as soon as the oncoming generation takes over our national affairs that shall it is in a generation bulwarked through character, the young Scout movement plays a most useful part.”

Hoover offered as president during the organization’s 20th anniversary and also canceled personal appointments to speak in ~ a dinner commemorating the event. He no a Scout yet he did serve as honorary president of the boy Scouts of America during his term.

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7. Franklin D. Roosevelt

“As one who has been interested in Scouting over numerous years, it has actually been many heartening to have actually so many evidences that the useful values of reconnaissance training.”

FDR was the very first elected president who had likewise served together a reconnaissance leader through the young Scouts the America. ~ above his death, he had a 24-year document of serving in the Scouts.

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8. Harry S. Truman

“The young Scouts the America, because it was founded in 1910, has contributed greatly come the character training of ours youth. What a greater country this would be if the ethics of Scouting can be woven much more closely into our daily lives.”

President Truman wasn’t a enlightenment in his youth, but he did assistance the organization and even traveled to Pennsylvania to get involved in opened ceremonies for the second ever national Scout Jamboree.

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9. Dwight D. Eisenhower

“The young Scout motion merits the unstinted assistance of every American who desires to make his country and his human being a better place in which come live.”

Eisenhower was one more president whose son was a boy Scout. The was likewise a member of the nationwide Executive plank in 1948.

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10. John F. Kennedy

“In a really real sense, the principles learned and practiced as Boy Scouts include to the toughness of America and also her ideals.”

John F. Kennedy to be the very first official young Scout to climb to the office that president. He offered in a convoy in Bronxville, new York, native 1929 come 1931.

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11. Lindon B. Johnson

“Today, together we confront the obstacles of an increasingly facility and typically disturbing world, America demands an alert, responsible, and also energetic youth to administer her with a an important resource in a hope happier and fuller future for all.”

President Johnson to be an active Scout leader in Austin, Texas before coming to be president of the joined States. He likewise helped organize article 1200 in Washington, which to be for web page boys functioning in Congress.

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12. Richard Nixon

“I strongly believe that Scouting offers an outstanding opportunity to find out about great citizenship by being a an excellent citizen, and I am glad come hear that we deserve to count on you to bring on the an extremely important work . . . In encouraging America’s guys to make themselves into the men our country needs.”

Nixon spoke at boy Scouts jamborees if serving together vice president and also hosted the first National explorer Presidents’ conference on the White home lawn in 1971.

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13. Gerald Ford

“One of the proudest moments of my life come in the court that honor when I to be awarded the Eagle reconnaissance badge. Ns still have actually that badge.”

President Ford has actually the distinction of being the very first (and only) Eagle Scout come eventually end up being president.

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14. James Carter

“It is a constructive to plan on the part of young americans to check out career interests, and to become better prepared for a an ext satisfying and financially rewarding future.”

President Carter to be deeply associated in scouting. He to be an traveler Advisor and also Scoutmaster, his mam was a Den Mother and Cubmaster, and also all three of his young participated in Scouts.

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15. Ronald Reagan

“By sponsoring many advantageous physical, mental, and social activities designed to promote self-responsibility, the Scouts combine the cornerstone the individual liberty in our nation.”

It was way back during his job as governor of California the President Reagan became connected with the boy Scouts the America. He likewise served as Scoutorama chairman.

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16. George H.W. Bush

“The young Scouts the America has actually assumed a leadership duty in confronting this difficulty . You room teaching self-protection strategies versus drugs and other dangers.”

While George H.W. Bush wasn’t a Scout, his sons to be members and also he showed his fervent support for the organization and also their anti-drug tactics throughout his presidency.

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17. Invoice Clinton

“For virtually a century, the boy Scouts the America have helped to make volunteer company an American ideal.”

Bill Clinton was a previous Cub Scout and also addressed 36,000 Scouts and also their leaders at the national Scout Jamboree in 1997.

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18. George W. Bush

“Every day, Scouts are reflecting that the greatest strength that America lies in the hearts and also souls of our citizens.”

Like other former presidents, George W. Shrub was a Cub Scout and also personally handle the Jamboree occasion in 2005.

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19. Barack Obama

“Today, Scouts across the country continue in the tradition of collecting food because that those in need, enhancing our neighborhoods, and reaching the end to those less fortunate.”

Barack Obama did no serve in the Scouts as a youth, but he go commend the organization for that is continued service to the country during his video address to the nation Scout Jamboree.

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20. Donald Trump

“When you volunteer for the boy Scouts, you room not only shaping young lives; you are shaping the future of America. The united States has no much better citizens than its young Scouts.”

Before becoming president, Donald trump didn’t take part in the boy Scouts that America and didn’t speak publicly about them till he addressed the group throughout the 2017 nationwide Jamboree.

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