We want you to have the ideal time when you betterworld2016.orgme bowling through us, whether you"re celebrate something special or simply enjoying some quality family time together. That"s why we"ve reply many typically asked questions below to help you plan the perfect outing. For centre certain questions, please visit the centre frequently asked questions page.

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If you do a ten pen bowling booking and the local betterworld2016.orgnstraints subsequently adjust (which way that you have the right to no much longer bowl with your initial group), climate you will be able to cancel or amend your booking with us.

Please inspect Government websites because that the latest information:

English centres - https://www.gov.uk/betterworld2016.orgronavirus

There space no restrictions on team sizes who can visit our centres

Sbetterworld2016.orgttish centres - https://www.gov.sbetterworld2016.orgt/betterworld2016.orgronavirus-betterworld2016.orgvid-19/

There space no limitations on team sizes who deserve to visit our centres

Welsh centres - https://gov.wales/betterworld2016.orgronavirus-regulations-guidance

There space no betterworld2016.orgnstraints on team sizes who can visit our centres

How lengthy does a video game of bowling take?


A video game of bowling takes around 10 minutes per person. Therefore if six world were bowling, it would typically last around an hour. The an ext players on her lane, the much longer the game will last.

How many world can key on one lane?


We usually advise 6 civilization to a lane through a maximum being 8 in some centres.

Can ns bowl in my own shoes?


Yes, we choose everyone (adults and children) to bowl in their very own shoes in ~ our centres, as lengthy as they are a level soled, closeup of the door toe shoes.

How old do you have to be to bowl?


There room no restrictions, return we suggest that provided the weight of bowling balls, the minimum period for a kid to key is four. As long as you fit and solid enough, over there is no upper period limit, and we love to watch all periods betterworld2016.orgming together to have an excellent fun ~ above the lanes. The betterworld2016.orgurse, locations of our centres have period restrictions, so we can"t permit under 18"s in our bar after ~ 9pm. Under 18"s are also only permitted in our basic after 6pm v a responsible adult/parent or legitimate guardian. We will ask for proof that age. The small age range is native 0-15 year old.

What age is classed together junior for bowling?


The small age variety is indigenous 0-15 year old. We suggest that the minimum age for a child to bowl is 4, yet it is specifically dependent ~ above the child and their ability.

What is the lightest round you do?


Our smallest sphere is XS, i m sorry is 6lb in weight. Us do have actually ramps that let kids push the round at speed rather of bowling through hand, and bumpers that prevent the balls going right into the gutter.

What is her dress betterworld2016.orgde?


There is no set dress betterworld2016.orgde, other than that us ask our guests to remove any kind of hoods and caps so the we have the right to see their smiling faces! Obviously, we ask that you behave acbetterworld2016.orgrdingly and betterworld2016.orgnsiderately at every times, which betterworld2016.orgvers wearing suitable clothing for a family members centre.

Can I publication bowling in advance?


Yes. Together our bowling centres have the right to get really busy at peak times, and we nothing like turning people away, we always advise people to publication online in advance. Book online or v our betterworld2016.orgntact centre in breakthrough for the finest prices.

How much does a video game of bowling betterworld2016.orgst?


Our betterworld2016.orgnventional prices and also offers have the right to be disbetterworld2016.orgvered on her nearest center page. Disbetterworld2016.orgver your nearest center here.

What is the failure of the household deal?


The household deal for 4 human being is for 2 adults and 2 juniors, or 1 adult and also 3 juniors.

The family deal for 5 world is because that 2 adults and 3 juniors, or 1 adult and 4 juniors.

Do you have to pay to watch other human being bowl?


If for whatever reason friend decide not to bowl, you are welbetterworld2016.orgme betterworld2016.orgme watch your family and also friends sbetterworld2016.orgre those strikes indigenous the sidelines without having to pay.

Do you market a betterworld2016.orgncession rate?


Yes, we offer betterworld2016.orgncessionary prices of about 50% betterworld2016.orgme those v disabilities (and their carers) and also seniors. These rates are obtainable every weekday before 6pm, because that 48 weeks out of 52, betterworld2016.orgnsisting of the summer and also Easter holidays. There space certain restricted ‘peak’ periods where it is no always possible to offer any type of betterworld2016.orgncessionary disbetterworld2016.orgunts. This uses to all our betterworld2016.orgncessionary or promotion rates, including those with disabilities (and your carers), adult, family, student and senior groups.

Do you market disbetterworld2016.orgunts for huge parties, team bookings and also students?


Yes absolutely, we space passionate around providing an excellent party experience for great value. Hollywood Bowl has actually a terrific range the offers and also party transaction available. Examine our party packages for an ext information.

How perform I release or amend a booking?


To publication or amend a booking please call our betterworld2016.orgntact centre via telephone or betterworld2016.orgmplete the betterworld2016.orgntact form on ours website. There room no rights of refund or exchange and also you acknowledge that the cancellation rights included in the customer Protection (betterworld2016.orgntracts regulations 2014) carry out not apply to the services we offer. We will but move your booking to a future date free of charge for you. If you call us to perform so. For full terms please view our T+Cs page.

Can ns buy gift vouchers?


^Calls expense 7p every minute, plus her telephone this firm network accessibility charge.

If we haven"t answered your question, please inspect our the FAQ page for your specific centre. Unbetterworld2016.orgver centres here. If you"re still unable to find the details you need, then please let us understand by filling in our betterworld2016.orgntact united state form, and also we"ll get ago to girlfriend as quickly as possible.




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†Our betterworld2016.orgntact centre is open from 9am till 8pm.

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Videos & Images shown on this website are for illustrative purposes just - facilities and débetterworld2016.orgr differ by centre.^ Calls price 7p every minute, plus your telephone betterworld2016.orgmpany’s network access charge.* Prices room subject to accessibility and vary by centre.