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Girls"lacrosse is a non-contact game played by 12 players: a goalkeeper, five attackers and also six defenders. Seven ar players might cross the restraining line and four stay behind. The object of the game is come shoot the ball into the opponent"s goal. The team scoring the most goals wins.

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Girls" and women"s lacrosse starts with a draw, i beg your pardon is take away by the center position. The round is placed between two horizontally organized crosses (sticks), placed back-to-back, in ~ the center of the field. At the sound of the whistle, the ball is flung right into the air as the crosses are pulled up and away. The sticks have to come up end the players" head. A attract is supplied to start each half and after every goal, and also it takes location at the center of the field. Only five players from every team space permitted between restraining currently at the time of the draw. As soon as the signal for the attract occurs, the players behind every restraining line might cross over.

The collegiate game is 60 minutes long, with each half being 30 minutes. The high school girls video game is 50 minute long, through each half being 25 minutes. In both collegiate and high college play, teams are enabled two timeouts per game, only after a goal. The restraining line, a solid heat 30 yards up ar from each goal, extends throughout the width of the field. Solid/hard boundaries were included to the game in 2006. Full length deserve to be indigenous 110 to 140 yards, while complete width deserve to be native 60 come 70 yards. There must constantly be at least 10 yards of an are between the score line and also the finish line in ~ each finish of the field. Over there is a one in the facility of the ar where the draw occurs. Two arcs are significant from the center of the score line. The eightmeter arc through hash marks four meters away from each various other bisect the arc. The 12-meter pan runs the end from the goal line extended. Substitution area, provided by both teams, is in former of the scorer"s table and also is shown by two hash marks placed 5 yards on either next of the midfield line.

Seven attack players just are permitted over the restraining heat in their attack end and only eight defenders are enabled over the heat in their protective end. The added defender is the goalkeeper. Players might exchange places during play, however the player should have actually both feet over the line before the teammate enters.When a horn blows, every players must stop in place. Turbulent checks, and also contact to the body with the crosse or body, are not allowed, however, incidental body contact may occur.

Field players may pass, catch or run through the sphere in their crosse. Beginning at the U-15 level (ages 12 &13), a player may gain possession the the round by dislodging the from one opponent"s crosse through a check as lengthy as the examine is below the players shoulder ("Modified Checking"). A controlled inspect (crosse come crosse contact) is an attempt to hit the ball free. No player might reach throughout an opponent"s body to inspect the manage of a crosse as soon as she is even with or behind the opponent. A player may not defend the ball in her crosse by cradling therefore close to she body or challenge so regarding make a legal, safe inspect impossible for the opponent.

All legit checks must be directed far from the player v the ball and cannot come in ~ a 7" sphere of the head. No player is allowed to touch the sphere with her hands other than the goalkeeper once she is in ~ the goal circle. A change of possession may happen if a player benefit a distinct benefit by play the sphere off her body.

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Fouls space categorized as major or minor, and also the penalty for fouls is a "free position." For significant fouls, the offending player is placed four meters behind the player acquisition the cost-free position. Because that a minor foul, the offending player is placed four meters off, in the direction native which she approached her opponent prior to committing the foul, and play is resumed.When a boy foul is committed in the 12-meter fan, the player v the ball has an indirect cost-free position, in which instance the player have to pass first or be confirm by an opponent before the team may shoot.A slow-moving whistle occurs when the violation has gotten in the vital scoring area and also is ~ above a scoring play and the defense has committed a significant foul. A flag is shown in the air but no horn is sounded so the the offense has actually an possibility to score a goal. If the offense is qualified of getting a shooting off, the flag is withdrawn. A horn is blown when a score is scored or the scoring possibility is over. An prompt whistle is blown once a significant foul, obstruction or shooting space occurs, i m sorry jeopardizes the security of a player.