For anyone who feels their parakeet could use some companionship, then getting another parakeet is a good option. Because that the most part, parakeets do much better in pairs, but you will certainly still need to be aware of a couple of key truth to have actually a successful pairing.

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As with many birds, parakeets space social animals, and also they will favor to be in a flock. Their flock deserve to either be one more bird, or they may even consider a human a member of your flock.

While human companionship might be enough to save a parakeet happy. There really is no replacement for the sort of companionship a parakeet deserve to have with a member of its own species. While we can try to carry out our parakeet through as much attention and also care together possible. We are still restricted in how much we can really affix with a bird on its own level.

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And if us can’t be with our parakeet as result of a hectic schedule, or various other commitments that are past our control. The wellness of the parakeet may suffer as a result. And a lonely parakeet may come to be depressed, which might lead to behavior problems as a result of your isolation.

Do Parakeets do better in Pairs

Single Parakeet


There room a couple good reasons to save a solitary parakeet, and also they room temperament and trainability. A solitary parakeet will certainly be friendlier to humans and seek the end physical contact more often than a parakeet that has a companion. A single parakeet will also be less likely come bite and display any kind of other aggressive behaviors.

Training a parakeet deserve to be a lot easier if friend only have actually a single bird. If you ever want to train your parakeet to talk or do other tricks, then having a single bird will certainly make that job a whole lot easier. The reason it have the right to be far better to train a single bird is castle will many likely have actually an attachments to you and also therefore will look for to you re welcome you. A bird who has actually a companion will often tend to be more focused top top impressing and socializing v the other bird instead of you.

The best method to make certain parakeets room socialized to people is to buy one parakeet at a time. And also then you have the right to raise castle by hand in different cages. As soon as they have actually bonded v you and also any various other members of your household, then you deserve to put the birds together in the same cage.

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Two Males


Males are the less dominate gender amongst parakeets, this makes maintaining two males the finest pairing option. While there is never any kind of guarantee that any type of two birds will get along. Males carry out tend to do really well in a cage with each other. As long as the 2 males are preserved in a cage that provides adequate an are for 2 parakeets, the 2 males need to lead a happy life together.

Two Females


Getting two female parakeets is ill-advised since females room the dominant gender the the species. If two females are maintained together they will many likely get into territorial conflicts. And also if the conflicts escalate, the birds might even reason harm to each other. If 2 females need to be retained together, it would be a great idea to store them in separate cages, or at least put a divider in a mutual cage. Because that the most part, it would be wise to avoid keeping two females as a pair.

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Male and also Female


Keeping a male and also female together can lead come a great pairing, yet some precautions need to be taken. If a male and female may not acquire into conflicts over territory favor two females would. The opportunity of disputes may still arise.

If a female parakeet decides the masculine is no a perfect mate, she may attack and harass that to keep him away. If this wake up you will have to provide a huge enough cage with some hiding areas for the male. Otherwise, if all goes well and the male and also female accept each other, they have to remain a happy pair for the rest of their lives.

Breeding and also Chicks


If girlfriend do gain a male and female pair to live in peace with each other, over there is a pretty great chance that they will certainly breed. If the pair starts to breed, girlfriend will have actually to provide for your needs. Some essential things friend will need are nesting materials and supplements. Gaining these things will for sure the female deserve to safely lay her eggs, and that she won’t come to be deficient in key nutrients.

In some cases, an inexperience breeding pair may even eat your eggs. While in most cases this is no a major cause because that concern, it might be sad for anyone acquiring their hopes up for little hatchlings. If you do obtain lucky and your reproduction pair efficiently hatches out their eggs. Girlfriend will have to be prepared to provide a brand-new home because that the young chicks, as soon as they room no much longer in your parents care.

If friend don’t have an are or sources to take care of an ext birds, that is strongly advised you don’t keep a breeding pair together. And also if girlfriend do finish up having much more birds 보다 you can handle. You will have actually to uncover the birds a brand-new home which deserve to be a daunting thing come do.