If you’ve spent any type of time at all around the DFW area, then you’ve probably laid eyes on in ~ least half a dozen or so various lakes. From enormous bodies the water choose Lewisville Lake to smaller sized bodies that water favor Lake Carolyn, Dallas and the surrounding area is house to an abundance of watery recreation and also scenery.

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Texas is, unlike many may think, rather a wet state. As well as the desert western portion of the state, the course. There room over 7 thousand lakes in Texas, many of which have the right to be uncovered in the main and eastern components of the state, and many the those are roughly Dallas.

Of these seven thousand lakes, it might surprise friend to understand that just a little percentage the them space naturally-occurring. Also local Grapevine Lake exists together a result of part strategic civil engineering. 

Before we dive into what lakes are and aren’t natural, there room a few terms that will assist us define what precisely some of these bodies that water are described as.



These bodies of water space made through damming increase a river. This can happen naturally when, because that example, a narrow portion of the river gets clogged up with debris end time. Most often, however, reservoirs are identified by one or an ext man-made structures on the downstream finish of the river. 

These structures, both man-made and natural, prevent the water native flowing follow me its organic course, and also instead the water pools up behind the wall and floods the bordering area. One easy method to phone call if a body of water is a reservoir is by looking in ~ the edges of the water. Because reservoirs flood the surrounding area, the shape of the water frequently conforms to the contours of the land around it. This results in a “lake” with uneven edges and also many tendrils spreading out follow me the edge.


These are herbal bodies that water that are not formed as a an outcome of blockage follow me a river. Lakes type in organic depressions and also are deepest in the center, wherein the herbal bowl-shape the the earth is in ~ its lowest. This lakes are formed in various ways depending upon where and when they to be formed, such as through old glacial, tectonic or volcanic activity.

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Playas are also considered come be herbal lakes, although they have actually a few distinct features that separate them from gift categorized as full lakes.

Playas are formed by watering or rainfall runoff that pool in the shortest points the the bordering land. These wetland locations fill v water throughout rainy seasons and empty throughout the dried season. Because these “lakes” room filled solely through seasonal rainfall and also irrigation, playas are really shallow and also generally quite circular, depending on the topography. 

There are about 19,300 playas in Texas, greatly in the high levels regions. 


Another type of organic lake is the resaca, i beg your pardon is created from the motion and activities of rivers. Many often, resacas are formed in the horseshoe bends in rivers; once the river transforms course, the swimming pool of water continues to be as the own small lake.